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Benefits of law

Law is one of the oldest and most respected educational fields. A law degree can facilitate a large number of diverse opportunities in multiple fields. There is also the added advantage of embarking upon the noble quest of fighting for and upholding justice. If you are someone who is considering an education in law, here are the top 5 benefits you can receive from an education in law:

Top 5 Benefits of Law Education in 2021

1 Combined Academic Studies

Not many people know this, but a law degree is one of the few undergraduate degrees that allow you to combine another academic degree with your law degree. For example, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with your undergraduate degree. These combined degrees are called BA LLB and BBA LLB, and they help law students gain a varied education.

2. Diverse Career Opportunities

Since law degrees can be combined with other qualifications, you will have the opportunity to work in a multitude of fields such as businesses, academic, industrial, commercial, social service, politics, and many more. There will never be a dull moment in your professional journey as lawyers have to be quick-witted, smart, and excellent problem solvers who can think outside the box at the drop of a hat.

3. Financial Security

Lawyers are some of the highest paid professionals in the world. Of course, you will first have to prove yourself as an astute lawyer in order to attract well-paying clients, or attractive offers from thriving businesses. You can also work for prestigious law firms and climb up the professional hierarchy in order to secure your finances.

4. Wide Range of Soft Skills

Lawyers have to deal with complicated cases in court, file complex paperwork regarding legal matters, and have to approach each case with an approach which is unique to the requirements of the case. Hence, lawyers over time develop critical thinking, strong reasoning skills, and analytical skills which help them solve many other problems inside the courtroom and outside as well.

5. Opportunity to Make a Difference

If you choose to become a social justice lawyer and fight for social causes such as sexual harassment, dowry, domestic violence, and such social issues, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. Lawyers are upholders of law and order in any civilised society, and it is a huge responsibility for anyone to take up professionally.

Best Law Courses after Class 12th:

There are many law courses you can pursue after 12th; however, these are the most versatile and best undergraduate law degrees:


About the Programme

This is a 5-year undergraduate degree that is perfect for professionals who want to become a legal practitioner.  This degree is perfect for anyone who wants a legal qualification to help society in legal battles by bringing about a change in the system.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for BA LLB will include Sociology, Political Science, Legal Methods, Law of Contract, Law of Torts, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Foreign Language, History of Courts and Legal Profession in India, Labour Law, Administrative Law, Company Law, Criminal Psychology, Intellectual Property Rights, Public International Law, and many such interesting topics pertaining to law.

Career Scope

After completing BA LLB professionals can be hired as Law Officers, Legal Associates, Junior Lawyers, Legal Expert Advisors, Corporate Lawyers, Human Rights Activists, and Litigators. Professionals can further pursue a postgraduate law degree such as LLM with a specialisation of their choice.


About the Programme

BBA LLB is another excellent law degree to pursue after class 12, spread across 5 years. This is again an integrated law degree that provides the dual advantage of studying management studies and legislative law. 

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum of BBA LLB will include Principles of Management, Legal English, Business Statistics, Business Ethics, Business Communication, Constitutional Law, History of Courts and Legal Profession in India, Law of Crimes, Civil Procedure Code, Administrative Law, Principles of Taxation, Law of Property, and Public International Law along with many other relevant topics.

Career Scope

Professionals holding a BBA LLB degree can be hired as a Legal Advisor, Partner at a Law Firm, Solicitor, Junior Lawyer, Paralegal, Professors at a Law College, Management Advisor, Legal Counsellor, and Litigator. 


A legal education can open a multitude of career and personal opportunities over the years. You need to make sure that you have what it takes to become a lawyer as this is one of the most challenging professions to pursue. Some of the best law colleges in Nashik offer law degrees with a dedicated centre for postgraduate legal studies for cutting-edge research in the legal field. So if you have made up your mind to become a lawyer then do your research and choose the best law college in India. Good luck!

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