Best MBA Specialisations After Engineering

Best MBA Specialisations After Engineering

Pursuing an MBA after an engineering degree can be an excellent decision, depending on your career goals. MBA or Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree program spanning across two years and further divided into four semesters. The program offers various specialisations, and you can choose one of them based on your interests and future goals.

Some of the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra also offer 100% placement guarantee with their MBA programs to help students gain the right start to their career. Going for an MBA after an engineering degree will help you gain management and business administration skills to add to your technical skills. Businesses are eager to hire professionals who can offer them a wide range of skills and knowledge. Let us take a look at some of the best MBA specialisations available today.

Top MBA Specialisations After Engineering:

1. Banking and Financial Services

The banking and financial services sector is thriving, with immense career opportunities in the field. If you are someone who loves numbers and wants to work in the finance sector, this specialisation could help you achieve your goals. This program focuses on accounting standards, money exchange, forex, loans, and relevant financial information. After completing this program, you can work with private and government sector banks, financial institutions, BPOs, stock exchanges, etc.

2. Business Analytics

Business analytics is the best MBA course for the future that you can opt for after an engineering degree. For example, if you have a degree in computer engineering, an MBA in Business Analytics can help you join multinational companies as a business analyst. Business analytics is used by businesses to analyse large amounts of data and then use the analysis to make important decisions regarding the functioning of the business. All small and large businesses depend on business analytics to stay ahead of the competition in their field.

3. Marketing Management

Marketing management is a vast and exciting field with diverse opportunities. This program deals with marketing and management concepts like advertisement, branding, product development, business environment, customer behaviour, and much more. Professionals holding this qualification can work with top brands and help them market their products to their customer base. Marketing has become an increasingly important tool in business growth. The advent of digital marketing has changed the game. Professionals holding an engineering degree will have the right skills to navigate the digital marketing space and help a business grow profoundly.

4. Financial Management

Financial management is another reliable MBA specialisation that you can choose if you are interested in the field. This is a wide program that deals with financial management strategy, economic planning, marketing trends and much more. Professionals holding an MBA with this specialisation can work in the finance and banking sector, besides other financial institutions. These professionals also understand taxation, loans, insurance etc., giving them multiple opportunities in various fields.

5. Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management is an excellent program. This program will help you gain career opportunities in different industries. Businesses of all sizes need a human resource department to recruit, train, and manage their employees. If you hold an engineering degree and foray into human resource management, you will have an additional advantage as you will be able to gauge a candidate’s technical skills much more accurately. This can help you gain jobs within the tech industry, which is one of the fastest growing industries today.

6. International Business

International business is a progressive specialisation as it can give you the opportunity to work with multinational companies. This program focuses on international business policies, foreign trade and investments, export management, forex management, etc. Candidates holding this qualification are recruited to oversee the expansion of a business into foreign markets. They have the skills and knowledge to deal with international business laws, and deal with foreign governments efficiently to gain the right permits and licences. Pursuing this qualification can help you build a global career involving a lot of travelling and stimulating opportunities.


These are just some of the leading MBA specialisations that you can consider after an engineering degree. Any of these specialisations can give you an edge over your competition in the job market for the right opportunities. These are skill-intensive programs that can help you build on your technical and soft skills.

Many top MBA colleges in Nashik offer these specialisations along with 100% placement assistance. The course curriculum of these programs is designed after careful consultation with industry leaders and experts. Students are trained through workshops, interactive group discussions, guest lectures, field trips and compulsory internships.

If you are serious about pursuing an MBA after an engineering degree you need to analyse your career goals to pick the right specialisations. Understand what each program has to offer before making the final decision. Good luck!

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