Which are the Best Tier-2 MBA Colleges in India?

Tier-2 MBA Colleges in India

There are many amazing tier-2 MBA colleges in India that offer globally-recognised training and qualifications. Even among those colleges, there are some that stand out due to many features that they offer their students. The courses are better, faculty more experienced, and other training modules in place to provide students with the best exposure in the field of their choice.

Sandip University is one such college that can help you achieve your career goals after completing an MBA. Sandip University is one of the best MBA colleges in Nashik with global MBA degrees. There are many different kinds of specialisations you can opt for, depending on your interests and career goals.

Here are the top reasons that make Sandip University one of the best tier-2 MBA colleges in India:

1. Globally-recognised Qualifications

The MBA degree you gain from Sandip University is highly advanced. As one of the fastest emerging private universities in India, Sandip University offers industry-synced and globally-recognised qualifications that can help you build a career in the top MNCs around the world. The course curriculum is designed by faculty members in collaboration with industry experts. This helps students study an upgraded curriculum every year.

2. Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty

Most of the faculty members teaching management programs hold qualifications from IIMs across India. This helps students be trained and mentored by highly qualified professionals. Students benefit from their expert knowledge and are able to gain an education that is on par with top IIMs of the nation. Such training automatically translates into a global career as you will have the skills and knowledge to work in leading firms around the world.

3. Global Placements

Sandip University has partnered with leading MNCs to provide the best placement opportunities to students. Currently, companies like Amazon, HDFC Bank, Tata Group, Godrej, Flipkart, JCB, Kotak Securities, Accenture, and many more participate in the University’s annual campus placement drives. Being placed in such companies can definitely lead to global opportunities. Many of Sandip University’s alumni are now working abroad with lucrative salary packages in well-known industry giants.

4. Programs with 100% Placement Guarantee

Sandip University also offers New Age MBA programs that provide students with 100% guaranteed placements on graduation. These are unique MBA programs with value addition certifications from Harvard Business School and other leading institutions for top career options in MBA. A globally-recognised education is also ensured through global immersion programs. Students visit countries like Dubai and receive training through well-structured seminars, workshops, industry visits, and much more during such trips.

5. Value-addition and GlobalCertification Programs

Having a few value-addition and global certification programs can help you have an added advantage over your peers in the job market. These certification programs are crafted to help students develop their knowledge and skills in different areas relevant to their field of study. It is important for candidates pursuing MBA to have such certifications to help them gain better employment opportunities from the get-go in their career. Students can opt from a wide range of certification programs at Sandip University.

6. Hands-on Practical Skill Building

Students at Sandip University are trained through advanced methods. The MBA course curriculum is more practical and hands-on training oriented. The approach is to teach students about the realities of management studies beyond the classroom. Events like workshops, seminars, webinars, guest lectures, industry visits, and compulsory internships are included in the course curriculum. This helps students develop their technical and soft skills relevant to the management field.

7. Focus on Overall Student Development

Most top MNCs don’t want to recruit professionals who merely hold an MBA degree from a top college. They want professionals in their workforce to have a dynamic personality and an array of soft skills in their arsenal. At Sandip University, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, inter-college competitions, international student exchange programs, and student clubs to develop their overall personality. This goes a long way in helping students crack corporate interviews during placement drives.

8. World Class Infrastructure

Sandip University’s campus is the perfect place for a wholesome educational experience. The 250+ acre campus is equipped with a series of facilities for students to enhance their educational journey. Students enjoy modern classrooms, high-tech skill development spaces, hygienic canteens, comfortable hostels, spacious sports facilities, lush green gardens and so much more on campus. 24×7 security is one of the cornerstones of a safe and calm educational experience for students at Sandip University.


These are some of the top reasons that make Sandip University one of the leading tier-2 MBA colleges in the nation. You can always drop in and consult with our career guidance counsellors or faculty members. They will be happy to assist you with your queries regarding MBA programs offered at Sandip University. If you want to build a thriving and global career in management then Sandip University is the right place for you!

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