Career Opportunities & Job Prospects after B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech Computer Engineering and Technology

Today in this globalized world, computers and technology are of much importance. We cannot live without technology in today’s days and that is why a degree in technology can be of much importance. Students who have passed their 12th grade can enroll in a B.Tech in Computer Science or CSE. A B.Tech in CSE is a four year degree course that deals with the theoretical and practical application of computers. There are various career options after pursuing computer engineering. Also, since this branch is of high demand, it is also a difficult and competitive to get in. But the perks of pursuing technology science to the students are very high. After pursuing this course, the students can work in various roles such as network analyst, database engineer and testing engineer to name a few. Some of the job roles that the students can work in after pursuing this degree are as follows:

Software Developer

Students can work as a software developer after passing their B.Tech CSE Courses in Nashik. As the name suggests, the work of a software developer involves developing the software that the users can use. Therefore, a full-stack software developer plays a very crucial world in the IT field. It involves the basic task of developing software that users can use to do their job that they want to do on various peripherals. In simple terms, they can develop applications or programs that can be viewed by the users, is portable and is also easy to use and very portable in view. In order to do this job, the knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and many others is essential. This career is therefore considered the best for a B. tech student.

Database Administrator

A database administrator’s role is to keep checks and supervise the existing software modifications .It is a very important responsibility as it involves keeping a check and administer the company’s software and also any purchase made by the customer. These all things are private and confidential. A database administrator therefore, requires some special skills for this job.  A database administrator needs to be patient, have great communication skills, have analytical skills and research skills as well as excellent technical skills.  In order to keep data privacy, all these skills are of utmost importance as the personality of the data administrator is of much importance. This role is great career choice as private and public organizations, governments, banking and finance organizations, insurance companies, all of these require database administrator and managers.

Computer Hardware Engineer

The responsibility of this job role is to build and develop hardware components of a computer such as memory devices, circuit boards and routers. This job requires skills such as strong technical skills and creativity. The companies look for enthusiastic hardware developers who are curious to use new technology to develop technology hardware parts.  They are responsible to overlook if the hardware is working correctly and efficiently. This role is expected to carry out complex tasks such as comprehensive and monotonous testing. All the MNC’s are looking for competent personnel to build hardware.

Computer Systems Analyst

A B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering prepares the students to work in this role. This job role involves carrying out in-depth analysis of information systems in all companies Similar to Dell and Microsoft, many software companies require system analysts to analyze and correct the technical problems in their database.. This is one of the significant careers a B-tech CSE student or a graduate. This role also requires certain skills such as continuous learning skills, technical skills, team building skills to name a few. System analysts are expected to convince the staff about adopting the latest technologies to use Moreover, they have to remain updated from time to time about the latest technological developments in the world.

Web Developer

Web design is a creative and exciting career choice for the students who have a degree in this field. It is a stimulating and interesting career choice for the students. Web developers design a company’s website by choosing web layouts, various designing features, images and backdrops. They carry out the role of making the company’s website look colorful, attractive and relevant. They are expected to give the customers a different feel and experience when they visit the website. In order to do this, it is expected that the web developer should have a deep knowledge  of understanding various like HTML, CSS, Javascript and understanding of a the working of a server. Web developers are expected to collaborate with designers and project managers in order to create the final product and abide by the predetermined scope and budget. The top engineering colleges in Nashik train the students on working in this creative role.

Project Manager

This is a best career choice to choose after B.Tech.Managament skills are required in the IT industry. A project manager is required to co-ordinate and collaborate with the efforts of the programming team and to detect technical problems and solve them. He has to overlook the smooth functioning of the project and meet the project deadlines. The project manager is expected to have skills such as strong technical skills, communication skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills and team building skills. It is expected that the project manager should have a good and deep knowledge of technology. Therefore, project manager is assumed to possess all the necessary skills required for it.

In conclusion, it can be said that  the horizon is broadened after pursuing this degree which are not only limited to the IT sector but opens up to other sectors such as  working in public and private industries and manufacturing units. Hence, after a B. Tech in CSE paves its path to many high paying jobs with many benefits. High end technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Dell, Flipkart and Samsung hire these graduates who have possesses this degree. Along with technical skills, a computer technology graduate also has to have a personality which would help them to work smoothly and successfully in these roles.