Career, Scope, Job Opportunities after pursuing M.Tech Construction management in India

M.Tech in Construction Management

M.Tech in Construction Management is a degree which is aimed at developing building management skills amongst the students. Its focus is to develop analytical and time management skills in the students, which would help to meet the growing demands of the organization.

Students in this course are trained to make decisions and strategize the commercial, technical and construction needs of the organization. It prepares the students for roles and concepts of engineering, project management, finance management of the project, project safety and such other skills.

The main aim of the course is to develop better planners and analytical thinkers. The curriculum of this course is tailored in such a manner where theory and practical skills are blended so that students can be trained on technical skills. The scope of M.Tech in Construction Management is huge. The curriculum of this course generally covers major modules such as modern building materials and technologies, project management, contracts management, safety  and equipment management, building management and quality supply chain management of building projects.

Nowadays many students prefer to specialize in this course to pursue their careers in this field. The careers in Construction Management can be done by working in the following roles and position:

1. Field Engineer

A field manager is responsible for solving problems and making the project more efficient.  There are a lot of fields that the field engineers can specialize within this core field. The role of a  field engineer is to  discuss the needs of the project with the clients, prepare new designs according to the client’s needs and help to maintain the efficiency of the project by doing financial management. They also review the materials used for building and look at the efficiency part of the project.

2. Construction Superintendent

This role includes looking after the daily operations and supervising a building project.  They work on the job sites to oversee the building tasks. Their major roles and responsibilities include writing cost estimates for the construction project, creating work schedules for construction team members and monitoring the building progress. They are also responsible for overseeing the safety regulations of the project.

3. Sustainability Consultant

This is a role which requires the knowledge of the environment along with knowledge of the core field. Nowadays all the people want to build their houses, offices or buildings in a sustainable environment. Sustainability consultants are environmental experts who look after the energy consumption needs and the consumption levels of the clients. They work with the clients to make environment friendly buildings.

4. Construction Project Manager

The manager here is responsible to handle the project from scratch, from initially planning the project to executing the project. Their major roles include helping the clients to create project deadlines, budget management of the project, recruitment of team members and looking after the safety norms of the project. They may also prepare estimates for all parts of a project, including the marketing and land costs.

5. Site Engineer

A site engineer’s responsibility includes managing certain parts of the project. Their duties include collaborating with land surveyors, reviewing the building plans and ensuring the building project meets safety regulations and specifications. They may also advise clients on job site locations and project designs. A site engineer is also paid well and has prospects for promotion in his job.

In addition, students can also apply to various job roles and positions such as Quality Control Manager and Civil Engineer in various engineering and building industries and companies. The professionals joining this profession are also paid well.

In conclusion, it can be said that this is a flourishing field with wide job prospects and plush salaries. Professionals also have various prospects for promotions in the job. From a manager to the head and CEO, their career graphs can grow instantly. In India, the average salary  offered after pursuing the M.Tech. in Construction Engineering and Management graduates ranges between INR 4 to INR 8 Lakhs. Big  Indian as well as MNC companies such as manufacturing companies, IT and architectural firms, such as L&T, TCE, Total Environment, CCCL, S&P, Punj Lloyd, R infra, Gammon, etc recruit from the top construction management colleges in Nashik. Hope you make the best decision of joining this field as your career. Good Luck!

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