What Does A Career In Construction Management Engineering Entail?

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Construction management engineering falls into the purview of civil engineering. With vast and constant development in the infrastructure sector in India, there is massive scope for construction management engineers in the country. Both the public and private sectors are experiencing a boost in the construction sector, creating a demand for competent and well-trained construction management engineers. If you are thinking of pursuing a degree in construction management engineering, then here are some things you must know before making the final decision:

What do Construction Management Engineers do?

Construction management engineers are involved in the designing and completion of different types of construction projects. A construction management engineer will have to oversee a wide range of projects throughout his or her career. The kind of projects that a construction management engineer looks into can include designing drainage or sewage systems, constructing buildings, and possibly projects in the infrastructure department like roadways, railways, airport design, water waste management, and designing ports, among others.

What kind of skills should a Construction Management Engineer possess?

A construction management engineer should have an in-depth knowledge about rules, laws, building codes, and other regulations that are directly related to the project he or she is directly responsible for. They should also be able to estimate costs of site inspectors, equipment and materials required, cost of labour, etc. Construction management engineers should have business and analytical skills that help them deal with unforeseen delays or issues, budgeting issues, and apt overseeing of the project. Construction management engineers should also have excellent decision-making skills, leadership skills, communication skills, technical skills, time-management skills, and customer-service skills.

What are the Job Responsibilities of a Construction Management Engineer?

Construction management engineers usually function out of an office, but they may have to regularly visit construction sites to inspect and supervise on-going construction. These visits are required so that these engineers can keep a constant check on quality control, and maintenance of proper construction standards. A construction management engineer’s job sometimes begins way before construction begins on site. Sometimes these engineers have to visit the site to gauge its viability and prepare a report stating whether the site complies with government standards, environmental laws, contractor’s requirements, and the company’s interests.

What kinds of Job Opportunities are Available to Construction Management Engineers?

In 2018, the Indian government invested US$ 1.97 billion in the infrastructure sector, and this investment is required to increase to US$ 777.73 billion by 2022. This means that there will be ample job opportunities for competent construction management engineers in the country. After attaining a degree in construction management, engineers can be employed as architects, architectural and engineering managers, civil engineers, cost estimators, landscape architects, civil construction managers, and many such designations.

How do you attain a Degree in Construction Management Engineering?

Many prominent colleges in India offer degrees in construction management engineering. However, it is important to conduct some research and find out which colleges offer industry-oriented programs that can help you gain a footing in the industry after completing the program. Attaining practical skills and understanding of theoretical knowledge goes a long way in becoming a successful construction management engineer.

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