Career Scope & Job Opportunities in Aviation Management

Job Opportunities in Aviation Management

Aviation management is a new up and coming field of management that has wonderful future scope in the industry. As air travel has become more convenient and pocket-friendly, there is a need for better management in the aviation sector. Aviation management encompasses different branches ranging from airline management to airport management. There are many careers in aviation management that you can opt for in the industry that can lead to a bright future ahead.

Here are the top careers open to professionals in aviation management:

  1. Aviation Screening Officer

Aviation screening officers work in close tandem with the safety and security teams to oversee security screenings of passengers at various checkpoints at an airport. They are responsible for operating scanners, conveyor belts, and other related equipment to examine passengers and their luggage. They ensure that prohibited and dangerous items do not get past these checkpoints.

  1. Airport Operations Coordinator

Airport operations coordinators are tasked with overseeing various departments and employees within the airport facilities. They have to constantly monitor and update rules and regulations to ensure overall efficiency and security of the airport premises. They also have to oversee airfield inspections to avoid hazards, ensure proper lighting, maintain operational systems, and keep a track record of actions taken on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Facilities Manager

As the name suggests, facilities managers are tasked with supervising safety operations, construction of buildings and their overall maintenance. They have to deal with contractors, civil engineers, maintenance crew, and building inspectors to ensure the smooth functioning of airport facilities. These professionals have to submit regular reports to the upper management and report any issues to ensure their immediate resolution.

  1. Aviation Manager

Aviation managers are responsible for the aviation department of an airport. They have to keep a close eye on the government-issued rules and regulations to avoid breaking any laws on a federal level. Their main task is to ensure safety and maintenance of aircrafts on a regular basis. Professionals holding qualifications from a top BBA Aviation college in Maharashtra are easily recruited for this position.

  1. Airport Manager

Airport manager is responsible for supervising and regulating various departments within the airport facilities. They have to oversee day-to-day operations, communicate with airlines, regulate the maintenance of various facilities, and negotiate employment contracts of vendors at airports. This is a hands-on job and it takes a bit of experience and skill to reach this position in aviation management.

  1. Airline Consultant

An airline consultant from one of the best BBA Aviation colleges in India is someone who works closely with airline companies and offers their services with regards to engineering airline designs, maintenance and market research. These professionals have the option of working with various airlines, and provide them with real time solutions regarding technical issues.

  1. Freight Manager

Freight managers are tasked with managing the timely and intact delivery of all kinds of goods across industries. They have to work in close proximity with airport authorities to oversee the arrival of shipments, verify flight schedules, and communicate with the supply chain management to avoid delays in the entire process.

  1. Airline Manager

Airline managers are employed with various airlines to oversee their operations. These professionals have to oversee and facilitate different functions within the organisation. These functions can include equipment installation and maintenance, acquiring government certifications, purchase of new equipment, coordinate schedules, manage staff members and write up regular reports.

  1. Airport Financial Executive

Airport financial executives are responsible for making most financial decisions pertaining to the overall functioning of an airport. They draw up financial budgets, negotiate with airlines, regulate cost of airport expansion, and manage a viable organisational structure. BBA in airport management colleges in Maharashtra train students to become competent airport financial executives.

  1. Safety Officer

Safety officers are tasked with overseeing and maintaining safety of employees and passengers in and around the airport premises. They have to keep themselves updated with regards to government rules and regulations to draft company policies accordingly. They are answerable to higher management in case of a safety breach on airport premises.


These are some of the most popular career options open to you in aviation management. There are many BBA Aviation Management courses in Nashik that you can pursue to make a thriving career in the field. These colleges generally have an industry-oriented curriculum with focus on skill development. They also offer 100% placement assistance through placement drives, making it easier for students to build the right foundation for their career. So look for such colleges if you are serious about a career in aviation management. Good luck!

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