Cybersecurity After COVID-19 : Challenges & Opportunities For A Safer Cyber Future

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on not just the global healthcare infrastructure, but also on businesses who were trying to adapt to the drastically changed working models and the new work-from-home situation. A lot of businesses had to permit employees to work from the comfort of their homes and maintain the social distancing norms laid down by the government owing to the pandemic. However, this meant that not all businesses could provide their employees with a highly secure computer or laptop, which meant that a large number of employees had to work on their personal computers.

Most Difficult Challenges Businesses Now Face In Terms Of Cybersecurity:

  1. Employees working on personal computers meant that a lot of highly sensitive and classified data was now available on personal computers. However, not everyone has access to cutting-edge antivirus or total system protection softwares to keep said sensitive data safe. Remote working situations brought about challenges in the form of intensified cyber attacks, which led to leaking of classified data on a large scale.
  2. A large number of employees fell victim to phishing scams, malware, and fake news regarding COVID-19 due to unregulated and unprotected computer systems. Furthermore, businesses were open to corporate cyber attacks through data security breaches in the system.
  3. Companies had to shell out a substantial budget to ensure that their employees’ work systems were secure against cyber attacks through technologies such as Cloud, cutting-edge full system support, and digital channels to conduct virtual meetings, etc.
  4. There has been an added pressure on law and order officials to register complaints against cyber attacks in the form of identity theft, phishing, malware, hacking, inciting terrorist activities, etc. and cyberbullying in the form of harassment, misusing personal information shared in confidence, and distributing illicit photographs and content.

Opportunities To Strengthen Cybersecurity; The Way Forward:

  1. Our dependence on cyber technology is not going to wane and so it is best to fortify our defenses against cyber attacks. Companies must focus on hiring professionals holding a B Tech CSE with Cyber Security degrees. Such professionals understand evolving technologies, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to combat cybersecurity threats. 
  2. Businesses can make sure that employees are able to work remotely unsecured systems that can withstand all kinds of cyber attacks. Companies have to be vigilant regarding implementing VPN tools that help employees securely connect with corporate networks.
  3. Businesses can implement Cloud technologies and services into their organisational work structure. Cloud services are highly versatile, and can be tailored as per the requirements of the business, which can be very beneficial to smaller businesses who are looking for secure yet pocket-friendly cybersecurity solutions. 
  4. There is a need for massive awareness about the role of cybersecurity in our lives today. More and more students must be encouraged to pursue career opportunities in cybersecurity, as this is an industry which is constantly evolving, and there will be a growing need for qualified and well-trained professionals in the industry.
  5. There are many B Tech in Cyber Security colleges in Nashik that offer futuristic courses that students can pursue for a successful global career. Such qualified professionals can become a part of any thriving businesses’ cyber security branch or IT help desk, and tackle day-to-day problems in the field. 


Even with the current challenges regarding cybersecurity, there is a glimmer of hope for the future. As technologies are constantly changing and improving, such attacks are becoming limited in nature, and culprits are often apprehended for their crimes. 

The government is also keen on hiring qualified professionals holding a B Tech CSE with Cyber Security degree to work in their cybercrime prevention cell, and prevent cyber crimes against the country’s citizens. There are many top computer science colleges in Nashik that provide industry-oriented and innovative training to students in high-tech computer labs. If you are looking for a challenging and global career then you must consider a career in cybersecurity.

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