Did Not Make the JEE Mains Cut-Off? 7 Career Options After JEE Mains 2021

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Engineering is considered to be one of the best career opportunities after 12th Science, and JEE Mains are said to be the gateway entrance exams for anyone pursuing a flourishing engineer. Every year thousands of students appear for JEE Mains exams hoping to make the cut-off required for IIT colleges across India. Sadly, a lot of students fall below the cut-off mark as there are only a limited number of seats available for engineering students every year. Given all the pressure that comes with appearing for JEE Mains, students may feel disheartened when they do not meet their goals. However, there are a number of options open to you even if you are not able to secure a position at an IIT this year.

7 Career Options After JEE Mains 2021

  1. Apply to NITs

National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are exceptional technical and research universities that can help you fulfil your goal of becoming a well-qualified engineer. You can consider applying to these institutes to make the most of the JEE rank you have obtained. There are thousands of seats offered by NITs across India and with a reasonable JEE rank you can become a strong contender for one of those seats.

  1. Grab Seats at IIITs & Government Colleges

Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) and various government colleges offer top-notch engineering degrees. However, due to the hype around IITs, a lot of these institutes and colleges go unnoticed. There are over 5000 seats in these colleges that are open to students holding a JEE Mains rank. Do some research and seriously consider grabbing these seats.

  1. Consider Private Engineering Colleges in India

India has a wealth of genuinely note-worthy private engineering colleges where you can obtain an industry-relevant education. A number of best private engineering colleges in Maharashtra are making waves in the field of engineering and technology. They have industry collaborations and knowledge partnerships to help students receive a skill-oriented education. These colleges are also happy to accept students holding a JEE Mains rank.

  1. Prepare for Other Engineering Exams

There are lots of engineering exams besides JEE Mains that can help you gain a seat in a renowned institute. Consider appearing for state-level and university-level exams which have just as much scope in the engineering industry. For example, you can appear for MHT-CET, which is specific to the state of Maharashtra. This exam would help you apply to some of the best engineering colleges in Nashik as well.

  1. Reappear for JEE Mains Next Year

If your mind is still set on studying at an IIT then you can amp-up your preparation and appear for JEE Mains next year. However, this could be a risky pursuit as there is no guarantee whether you will make the cut next year, and you will also have spent an entire year in the process. So think carefully about your options before choosing to reappear for JEE Mains.

  1. Look for Alternative Career Options After 12th PCM

Engineering is not the only viable career option after completing 12th PCM; there are a lot of futuristic options you can consider. You can pursue Computer Science and Engineering, Architecture, Aviation, Forensic Science, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Computing, or even National Defence. Most of these career options can attract international opportunities and take you places.

  1. Career Options Outside of Science & Engineering

It may seem like a shocking choice to make after appearing for JEE Mains, but you can always consider a career outside the realm of science and engineering. There are thousands of students who end up pursuing science in 12th grade, but have no real aptitude or interest for the subjects. Instead of continuing with this stream it is better to break out and pursue other options such as commerce and management, UX designing, law, fashion designing, interior designing, beauty and cosmetology, or humanities and languages.


Choosing the right career for yourself is one of the most important decisions you will be making as a student and so you must give it considerable thought. Take into consideration your aptitude, interests, and long-term prospects before making the choice. Avoid falling for societal pressures or choosing something just because your friends are doing so. Conduct a thorough research and make sure to choose a career you will be genuinely good at. Good luck!

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