Everything You Need to Know About M.Tech in Construction Management

If you want to master the art of constructing infrastructure while managing its environment, you must pursue M.tech in Construction Management. This 2-year programme can make you an analytical expert by enhancing your analytical capacities. This course involves enhancement of knowledge and additional skill-building through research and seminars. This intern helps students become professional in managing a particular construction.

After pursuing the course, you will be engaged in projects related to construction and management of tunnels, footpaths, buildings, etc.

What Does the Course Include?
The course duration is 2 years.
It includes subjects like Contracts and Specification, Construction Methods and Equipment, Organisational Behavior, Construction Finance, and many more.

Who Can Join the Course?
If you are a graduate (B.Tech, B.Arch, B.Plan) from a recognised university with at least 50% marks, you can join the course.
Admission to M.Tech Construction Management requires a person to appear and pass in a National level, State-level, or University level entrance examination.
Other than this, Architects, Contractors, Builders, Civil Engineers can also apply for this course.

Scope & Advantages of Pursuing M.Tech in Construction Management

  • Lucrative salary package.
  • Opportunities in top companies like Larsen, Toubro, TATA, Reliance Infra, and many others.
  • Great professional reputation.
  • Option to open your own consultancy company and advise clients in various construction projects.

What Does a Construction Project Manager Do?
A construction manager understands and handles different people while working as a big team. So he/she should possess strong managerial and leadership qualities. The construction manager’s technical knowledge should be sound enough to understand the blueprints for the smooth flow of a plan.

A construction manager is a person who drives the whole team throughout the project. So his/her sense of time management should be strong to meet the deadlines. The manager should be capable of thinking analytically, forecast future possibilities, and handle multiple projects at the same time.

They should also have a fair idea about current laws and regulations imposed by the governing authorities so that the project is not hindered by unnecessary redtape. He/she should possess quick decision-making abilities. He/she will be responsible to choose the raw materials and such for the infrastructure.

What’s Next?

A construction manager may require to work with an electrical engineer, structural engineer, architect, or likewise if the situation demands.
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