Here’s Why You Should Consider A Career In Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

When you think of a career in engineering, you will most likely end up thinking of fields like civil, mechanical, or electrical, maybe even computer science engineering. However, there is a much more crucial branch of engineering that, more often than not, goes unnoticed. Environmental engineering is that branch of engineering which has become the need of the hour due to the rising number of threats to the environment today. It has become more imperative than ever before to take environmental engineering seriously. The world needs a team of well-trained and environment conscious environmental engineers to help sustain the planet and all the species that reside in it. A number of best engineering colleges in India are now offering courses in environmental engineering to meet this demand.

Here’s why a career in environmental engineering can be so rewarding

Environmental Engineers Help Sustain the Environment

At the beginning of the industrial revolution, countries never took into account the impact industries were having on the planet and its many species. With greater awareness, companies across the globe are made to curtail the negative impact their activities have on the environment. This brings environmental engineers into the picture. Companies hire environmental engineers to gauge and rectify any negative impact they may be having on the environment. For example, oil and gas companies now hire environmental engineers to evaluate the feasibility of digging for oil at a particular site. Environmental engineers give these companies a clear picture about whether or not they should go ahead with the venture or put an end to the project.

Environmental Engineers are needed by Multiple Industries

Environmental engineering may seem like a narrow field, but the areas in which it is applied are vast. Environmental engineering is generally offered as a specialisation in a master’s degree, meaning that professionals usually have an additional bachelor’s degree from another area of engineering. This brings about diversity in an environmental engineer’s portfolio, opening up pathways to various industries. Environmental engineering is applied to multiple industries, both public and private, like oil & gas, pollution control, waste management plant, water management projects, and many more. This brings up new avenues for job opportunities for environmental engineers around the globe.

Environmental Engineers have Diverse Duties

You may wonder what it is that environmental engineers actually do. The answer is not simple as they have a number of responsibilities to fulfill depending on the sector they have chosen to work in. Some environmental engineers engage in groundbreaking research on coming up with alternative renewable sources of energy. Those environmental engineers who are employed in the public sector often look into controlling water and air pollution, developing better methods of waste recycling and disposal, and devising ways to combat dangers to the environment. Some environmental engineers are also employed to develop sustainable ecosystems where issues like global warming and climate change can be combated. Environmental engineers are also sought after by the agricultural industry to examine and monitor soil quality to ensure healthy crops.

How to Pursue a Career in Environmental Engineering?

Now that you know about the rewards of a career in environmental engineering, you may feel compelled to take the next step and look for colleges offering a degree in the same. However, while picking out a college it is necessary that you explore all the available options to make the right choice. A number of colleges in India fall short in terms of well-equipped labs and well-trained faculty members, the factors most important in contributing to a student’s success.

Sandip University is one of the top engineering colleges in Maharashtra. Located at Nashik, Sandip University has a sprawling Wi-Fi enabled campus of over 250 acres. The University offers students with excellent facilities like modern classrooms, fully functional laboratories, and faculty members who are alumni of IITs and NITs across India. Sandip University offers an M.Tech in Environmental Engineering. The curriculum of the course is created by the combined efforts of experts from the industry and Sandip University’s exceptional faculty members. At Sandip University you will receive an education that will take you places around the globe.

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