How Sandip University is the right destination for your Engineering Career

Right Destination for your Engineering Career

Engineers are technical professionals. They are responsible for overseeing the design, manufacturing, construction processes and overseeing the work of other engineers. Engineer’s research, design, and develop equipment, devices, and other components of machines, buildings, or software. A career in engineering involves all the engineers collaborating with each other to complete a project. Students interested in engineering majors and careers have many options. A potential professional can pursue a degree and career path based on this academic and professional interest. Engineers specialise in different areas of engineering such as mechanical, electrical and computer to name a few.

An engineer will be involved in the construction, planning, maintenance, manufacturing or testing of large structures used in various fields of machinery and equipment. Engineers are problem solvers who find innovative solutions to problems by designing futuristic products and structures that reflect the present. Engineering is an ever-changing field, so to succeed in the industry, you need to be creative, quick-witted, curious, and have original ideas. If you decide to become an engineer, rest assured that you have a good chance of changing the world. The engineering career after 12th has a lot of job opportunities.

Introduction to Sandip University

Sandip University is a thriving university catering to today’s industry needs. It is an UGC recognised university based in Nashik, Maharashtra. The university is located on a scenic, green, WiFi-enabled campus of over 250 acres and features state-of-the-art infrastructure for a holistic student experience. At Sandip University, students have access to world-class facilities such as well-maintained dormitories, sanitary canteens, high-tech classrooms, salons, gymnasiums, swimming pools, on-campus ambulances, and 24/7 security facilities.

As one of Maharashtra’s top private universities, Sandip University is attuned to the heart of the world’s educational standards and offers its students an education that stands its ground. At no additional cost, Sandip University students gain access to value-added global certification programs to gain industry-synchronised skills and training. We provide 100% placement assistance to our students through our dedicated placement cell. The placement cell also trains students through mock interviews to help them build dynamic resumes. Sandip University prepares today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders on the world stage. Sandip University has some best engineering courses after 12th which one can pursue in order to start one’s career in the field of engineering.

Engineering Career at Sandip University

Sandip University’s department of Engineering and Technology offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students who want to do engineering in fields such as electrical, aerospace, mechanical and computer engineering and civil engineering. Engineering has been one of the oldest professions in the world and one of the sought after by many students all around the world and especially in India. Sandip University understands the importance of this profession and has risen in ranks through the quality of education that it provides.

Sandip University has an aim of structuring its engineering degrees in a way that it provides the best quality education to its students. At Sandip University, students are provided with industry-oriented education, which is targeted at the students and industry needs, and prepare the students for the market needs. It is one of the top colleges and it is striving hard to make its engineering course very quality oriented and effective for its students. Students are given training on various soft skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, presentation skills amongst other transferable skills.  It is important to meet the ever-changing needs of the society and that is why Sandip University is always preparing to enhance the skills according to the needs of the University. The placement cell of the University trains the students in various employment-oriented skills such as interview, resume skills, soft skills and placement assistance. They prepare the students to help receive job offers from leading employers and brands and therefore groom the students to receive placement assistance. The top engineering colleges in Maharashtra have placement opportunities for the students in MNC’s.

Job Roles the University prepares you for Working after Engineering

  1. Computer Engineer

Today, computer engineers are very much in demand. The branch of computer engineering is growing at a rapid rate. There are various job roles in computer engineering that are required and necessary in today’s world. Therefore the demand for computer engineers is growing at a rapid rate. Sandip University trains and develops various computer engineers. All the skills and knowledge that are required to work in the profile of a computer engineer have been developed by the students here studying at Sandip University.

  1. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are needed in today’s world. Infrastructural facilities such as roads, railways, bridges etc are growing in today’s world at a rapid rate. In order to construct all these, there is a need for civil engineers. Sandip University trains civil engineers who can become specialists in this field. These civil engineers are trained on the latest technology which can be used for building infrastructural facilities and other building technologies.


Engineering has evolved over the years and their career opportunities have grown with multiple advancements in technology. Engineering in today’s world is not only confined to a few disciplines, it is also about interdisciplinary innovations that make life easier. All engineering disciplines are essential to the world, but students should choose their engineering disciplines wisely based on their preferences. It can be tricky to figure out exactly which areas of engineering suit your curiosity and tastes. With the help of online career advice, you can predict which engineering branch will be favourable to your career.

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