Importance of Pursuing MCA Degree at Top University in Maharashtra

Top University in Maharashtra

With the modern world becoming more technologically advanced, the need for studying computer programming, applications and new technologies has become the need of the day. Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) is a two-year full-time academic program that imparts knowledge related to computers, applications and programming. This degree can be a stepping-stone for a great professional journey in the field of computer engineering. Many computer science engineering colleges in Maharashtra provide a degree of MCA. Sandip University is the top MCA college in Maharashtra that provides a MCA course with an industry-synced curriculum and guaranteed placement. If you wish to start your career in the field of computer science, then a MCA degree from Sandip University is your best bet!

Sandip University is one amongst the best MCA colleges in Maharashtra for the benefits that it offers. Some of the benefits of pursuing the MCA degree at Sandip University is as follows:

1) Industry-Synced Curriculum – Technologies today are being invented at the blink of the eye. In order to develop professionals who are updated with the current trends and those who have knowledge of the current technologies, the MCA curriculum at Sandip University is tailored to meet the needs of the industry. This industry-oriented curriculum is designed by renowned and distinguished technologists in the field. Faculties from Sandip University are alumni of IIT’s and IIM’s. They design the curriculum taking into consideration the current needs and demands of the industry. The teaching method that is employed to impart this curriculum is also interactive and participative. The MCA is taught through interactive methods such as group discussions, live case studies, workshops, brain storming sessions and many other methods. This industry-synced curriculum is useful for the students as employers expect them to be trained in the skills that are needed for the industry.

2) Guaranteed Placements – One of the main feature of the program is that Sandip University offers guaranteed placements to the students. Many big MNC corporates come to campus placements and students are successfully placed after the course. Sandip University dedicates the final semester for all the courses on internships. The internships is also an opportunity for the student to prove himself or herself and get it converted into a full-time job. Our University not only provides placement opportunities for the students, but also trains them to become ‘employable’. It has tied up with various skill-development organisations to train the students on interview and job skills. This ‘employability enhancement program’ helps them in their transition from a ‘college student’ to a ‘professional’. Sandip University has MOU’s with IT companies such as Persistent Systems, Capgemini, Edu Net Foundation, Infosys, Xento Systems and Zensar Technologies. These collaborations help the students in getting placement as the companies visit the campus

3) Internship Opportunities – Dedicating the final semester of all the courses to internships is mandatory at Sandip University. These are paid internships where the students receive a monthly stipend of Rs 15000. Through the internship, the student can know about the real-world aspects of the industry. The internships is therefore an opportunity for the student to apply the theoretical knowledge that he has learnt in the classroom to the real world settings in the industry. If the student does well on the internship, it can be converted into a full-time job. The internship opportunities are especially good for a fresher student as he gets an opportunity to be in the office settings and work.

Along with national opportunities, Sandip University also offers international internship opportunities in countries such as Germany, Dubai and Russia. The international internship opportunities helps the students in getting an international exposure and helps them to understand the working culture of a MNC, global work processes and procedures and the new trends in the industry they want to work in. This is also a value add-on for their resumes as employers now a days prefer candidates who are smart and having the knowledge of global procedures and processes.

4) Distinguished Faculty – In order to impart an industry-synced curriculum, there is a need for expert faculty to clear the concepts of the students. Sandip University has excellent faculties who are alumni of top educational institutes in the country such as the IIT’s and NIT’s. The faculty comes with an extensive experience both in the academics and in the industry, at national at well as at International levels. The role that faculty plays at Sandip University is much broader than a teacher in the classroom. The faculty is a mentor to the students and helps the students not only in understanding the subject well but at a broader level, guides the students for making their career choice.

5) Professional Certifications – Sandip University has partnered with industry leaders to offer professional certifications to the students at no additional cost. These certifications help to enhance the resume of the students, which would further help them in getting a job. These professional certifications are on various subjects such as Microsoft certification, HTML and JAVA Script, Mobile App development and Python and Django. Students gain knowledge and if they like information from a certain certification, then it will also help them in defining their field of interest. These certifications are very costly and at Sandip University, since they are offered free of cost for the students; it is an added advantage for the students.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are many advantages of pursuing MCA from Sandip University.  This degree is a stepping-stone for the students career in computer engineering. It is worth pursuing this degree as it is in high demand in the industry. Join this degree today and venture into the computer-engineering career. Good Luck!

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