Key Factors to Consider while Applying For a MBA Program

Key Factors to Consider while Applying For a MBA Program

An MBA degree is a coveted award, especially from the world’s best business schools. However, no two programs are the same and so it’s important to think carefully about where you apply. So how do you create a target list for your school? And what are the most important factors in your decision-making? First, the B-School shortlist should reflect individual needs and priorities. The first thing the MBA admissions committee wants to know is: Why do you want to join the B-school? And why our school? The ability to answer honestly and be ready for all the self-reflection begins with honesty and what one wants to do. This means reflecting on your motivations, values, professional interests and strengths. Your future ambitions and individual motivations are the first filters to identify the most useful, actionable and relevant information for you. There are many MBA specialised courses in Nashik in which the students can apply to.

1. Length of Program

Through intellectual discovery and hands-on experiential learning, Sandip University’s management program develops business leaders who make a difference in the world. Sandip University’s School of Commerce and Management Studies is all about invention. Sandip University offers a full time two year MBA program with specialisations such as Marketing Management, Finance Management and Human Resource Management. Leaders work together to solve the most complex problems and bring the world solutions that improve today and advance tomorrow.The best MBA colleges in Nashik differ in their program lengths so it is important to check the length of the program.

2. Location

Sandip University is located in a very scenic and beautiful location. The lush green areas of Nashik are what makes it more beautiful and lovely. It is also located in a natural area and within nature and therefore  it is one of the best locations in Nashik. The location of the college is important because it helps the student with the convenience to travel and also the location determines various factors such as infrastructure, transportation facilities and environment. The top MBA colleges in Nashik differ in their locations; some are located in convenience of the city while others are located far away from it.

3. Strengths and Specialisation

Our MBA program at Sandip University is offered in various specialisations such as Marketing Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management. Our MBA program is highly rated and has many UPS’s. The MBA programs at Sandip University offer national and international internships to the students,  excellent infrastructural facilities, national and international guest lectures and immersion programs. The New Age MBA at Sandip university offers various specialisations such as Business Analytics and Accounting and Finance.

4. Brand Recognition and Prestige

Fame is inherently subjective, but when it comes to opening doors, a school’s brand awareness can be a key differentiator — not just rankings. The brand and recognition of the school also helps the students to get good job opportunities. For Instance when the students graduate from top institutes and universities which have a great brand value then their ability for getting employment increases and therefore they can get jobs with high packages easily. Therefore, brand recognition and prestige of the institute from which one graduates is very important. The best MBA executive programs in Nashik are popular for their brand value and recognition.

5. Personality and Culture

What is the “atmosphere” of the school as a whole? Who will you attract and what kind of environment will you create? Do you feel a more competitive classroom or a supportive, team-oriented environment when speaking with alumni and current students? Do your personal interactions align with established values? Nothing gives you a better understanding of a school’s personality and culture than a visit. But while first-hand experience is invaluable, much can be learned from networking with alumni and students in your field of interest, or by attending webinars and MBA fairs.

6. Cost and ROI

The return on investment (ROI) is beyond coveted starting salaries and is personal in nature. Students look at what return on investments they would get if they invest in a particular school. Therefore one should invest in a school from where one can get the ROI. In conclusion, it can be said that there are many factors which should be considered while applying to an MBA program. The above are some of the factors that need to be considered while applying for the program.


These important factors above are the key factors which one should look at while applying to a MBA program. These are some of the primary factors and these factors change with time. These factors would be important to choose a college that one wants to join and can be fruitful for the selection of the college.

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