MBA Courses Most in Demand in 2022

Top MBA Courses in 2022

There are many Master of Business Administration or MBA courses that are in demand in 2022. MBA is one of the top qualifications that leading businesses seek in their management employees. This is a globally recognised qualification with versatile applications that can help professionals land top management positions in businesses across different industries. Top MBA colleges in Maharashtra provide futuristic specialisations in MBA that can help professionals land jobs with global businesses. Let’s take a look at the leading specialisations that are in demand in 2022.

Top MBA Specialisation in MBA:

  1. Banking & Financial Services

MBA in Banking and Financial Services is currently one of the most widely pursued programs. The banking and financial sector is vast with constant upgrades and innovations. This creates a demand for professionals holding relevant qualifications to drive businesses forward. After completing this program, professionals can be hired as Financial Accountants, Risk Management Analysts, Finance Managers, Bank Managers, Corporate Analysts and Investment Bankers. This program is suitable for candidates who are interested in economics, accounting, stock markets and financial management.

  1. Business Analytics

Businesses are dependent on business analytics to make relevant decisions on organisational and marketing levels to drive profits. MBA in Business Analytics is one of the leading MBA specialisations in 2022. It is a cutting-edge program that helps professionals gain appropriate skills and tools of data management to analyse current and futuristic business trends. This exercise helps businesses understand the market, their competitors and make strategic decisions to successfully sustain within the market. Professionals holding this qualification can be hired as Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, Project Managers, Market Analysts and Sales Analysts.

  1. Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing Management is one of the most popular programs that students can pursue for a fast-paced and futuristic career in marketing. Today the marketing field is vastly divided into offline marketing and digital marketing. Both these branches of marketing have tremendous scope for skilled and well-qualified professionals holding this qualification. The program focuses on topics like consumer behaviour, market analysis, advertising and branding. After completing this program professionals can be placed as Assistant Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers, Brand Marketing Managers, and Digital Marketing Managers.

  1. Financial Management

Financial management is another growing field with ample career opportunities and scope. MBA in Financial Management is an excellent postgraduate program suitable for professionals who are interested in finance and economics. The program provides candidates an insight into global financial markets including stock markets. Students learn about financial planning, cost of capital, asset management and risk management. With this qualification, professionals can be placed as Account Managers, Finance Officers, Finance Managers, Assistant Managers and Equity Research Analysts.

  1. Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an important aspect of running a successful business. Businesses depend on human resource management professionals to hire and retain skilled and well-qualified employees to help the business grow. Candidates who wish to pursue MBA in Human Resource Management are expected to have excellent communication skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, planning skills and leadership skills to do their job well. Professionals holding this qualification from top MBA colleges in Nashik can be placed as HR Managers, HR Trainees, HR Executives, Technical Recruiters and Employee Relations Managers.

  1. International Business

MBA in International Business is a unique program with global career opportunities. Professionals pursuing this degree are taught about foreign trade policies, export management, import management, foreign business laws, and foreign market risk management. Professionals with this qualification are hired by businesses who wish to expand their business in global markets. These professionals help businesses navigate the rules and regulations set by the government of a particular country where they wish to do business. Risk Management Director, Business Development Manager, Information Security Manager, and Government Affairs Director are some of the job profiles open to professionals holding this qualification.

  1. Healthcare & Hospital Management

The healthcare industry has always been booming, but the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the need for well-regulated and organised hospital management. MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management focuses on teaching students about healthcare service management, hospital equipment management, resource management, human resource management and operations research among others. Leading hospital chains across India are in dire need for qualified professionals to effectively manage their hospitals to reduce waste and ensure proper patient care. After completing this program professionals can be placed as Healthcare Managers, Pharmaceutical Managers, Hospital Administrators, Hospital Finance Managers, etc.


These are some of the best MBA courses in Maharashtra that you can choose from for a bright career ahead. An MBA degree is an amalgamation of theoretical knowledge, hands-on training and industry exposure. Make sure to choose a college that offers excellent industry exposure, compulsory internships, international tie-ups and 100% placement assistance. These factors will help you find the right footing in the job market and keep you ahead of the competition. Good luck!

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