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Job Roles after MBA Marketing Management Course

Job Roles after MBA Marketing Management Course

Today, a marketing degree is nothing less than a phenomenon. Marketing is required in each and every field A MBA is a degree which is highly in demand. Students that enrol in MBA programmes can learn about, adapt to, and manage a variety of international business contexts. They gain a deep knowledge of the theoretical […]

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Job Prospects after Bcom in Financial Management

Job Prospects after B.Com in Financial Management

A B.Com degree is not a common degree these days. Initially a B.Com degree meant nothing as far as getting employed was concerned but now with the specializations a B.Com degree has gained importance and it also train the students on the employability skills  Obtaining a degree does not guarantee a successful career following a […]

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Career Scope of Forensic Sciences in India

Significance of Studying Forensic Sciences in India

Out of all the scientific specialties available, you should pick forensic science if you have an aptitude for resolving or examining crimes. Criminalistics is a term used frequently to describe the application of science to particular criminal and civil laws to deter crime. It incorporates components from the biological, chemical, physical, psychological, social, and other […]

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Best Career Options After B.Sc Forensic Science

Best Career Options After B.Sc Forensic Science in India

B.Sc Forensic Science is an undergraduate program spread across three years and six semesters. There are many career options after B.Sc Forensic Science in India. As an undergraduate program the course curriculum of this program consists of academic knowledge and hands-on practical skills needed to work in the field. Forensic scientists are employed in a […]

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How can I become a successful civil engineer in India

How can I become a successful civil engineer in India?

Today the profession of civil engineering is gaining a new momentum in India. The demand for modern infrastructure by the customers and people are helping the civil engineering profession to gain more popularity and demand. Therefore, to become a civil engineer is rewarding because of the  demand to build modern structures like schools, bridges, highways, […]

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M.Tech Defense Technology

Career Opportunities after M.Tech Defense Technology

India as a Military Super Power It is only in the last decade that India has emerged as a military superpower. In May 2021, the Stockholm International Research Organization published data showing that India accounted for 32% of global military spending, compared to 39% for the United States and 13% for China, making India the […]

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Scope of Accessories Design in India

Scope of Accessories Design in India and abroad

Conventionally, fashion was just limited to clothes and fabrics. Whatever career one could make in fashion was related to apparel design. However, in today’s world the face of the fashion industry has changed altogether and the fashion industry is equally giving importance to accessory design. People today have become more and more conscious of how […]

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Cloud Computing in India

Benefits of pursuing PG Diploma in Advanced Cloud Computing

Cloud computing are databases and software’s that are typically operated in data centers and warehouses. It enables users and businesses to access digital information over the internet any place in the world rather than having a physical connection to it. This is essential and much used today because of  it offers various benefits for  businesses such […]

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