Top Placement Opportunities and Career Scope after B.Sc Interior Design

B.Sc Interior Design

There is a lot of scope and diverse placement opportunities after completing a B.Sc Interior Design program. Professionals holding this qualification are responsible for elevating the spatial utility and beauty of residential and commercial spaces. Top B.Sc Interior Design colleges in Nashik offer this program to candidates who have completed 10+2 in any discipline from a reputed educational board or university. This program maintains a balance between relevant academic knowledge and hands-on skills that interior designers need to have to succeed in the industry.

Here are some of the top career opportunities after B.Sc Interior Design:

  1. Interior and Spatial Designer

Interior and spatial designers are hired by interior design firms that work with diverse clients to spruce up their spaces. These clients can own either commercial spaces like offices, hospitals, cinema halls, malls etc. or residential spaces like flats, duplexes, bungalows or penthouses. These professionals are tasked with understanding the requirements of the clients, drawing up initial design plans, managing the budget and delivering the final product after the client’s approval. They need to be creative, quick thinkers, problem-solvers and great communicators to do this job effectively.

  1. Production Designer

Production designers work in the entertainment industry where they design sets and locations for the production of TV shows, movies, theatre plays and music videos. These professionals are handsomely paid as their skills contribute greatly to the success of such a production. They have to work with directors, cameramen, lighting crew, and special effects personnel to understand the essence of a scene and translate their understanding into the designed sets. You can become a production designer after completing this program from some of the best colleges for B.Sc Interior Designing.

  1. Furniture Designer

Furniture designing is an innovative career as newer technologies emerge in the market to keep up with ever-evolving demands of the consumer. Furniture designers are highly skilled professionals who can use designing tools to design futuristic furniture for modern spaces. These professionals can be self-employed who work with a diverse clientele, or can be hired by leading furniture manufacturing companies to design furniture for them. Furniture designers have to keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the market, computer aided design tools and the different types of raw materials available in the market.

  1. Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandisers work with brands that display their goods and services through retail stores and websites. They can also be hired by art galleries or museums to generate concepts for their spaces. These professionals have to have a keen eye for latest market trends to showcase merchandise in a pleasing and attractive manner. They are involved in allocating spaces for different merchandise to attract potential customers towards their stores. If you are interested in knowing more about B.Sc Interior Design scope, then visual merchandiser is an excellent career to consider.

  1. Design Architect

Design architects are responsible for interacting with clients, understanding their requirements and designing spaces as per their needs. They can also be hired to undertake restoration work of residential, commercial or tourist structures. This is a highly innovative career option where professionals work on different kinds of projects based on their expertise. Design architects are generally a part of a team and so they need to have good communication skills, be highly creative and work on tough deadlines. They also have to deal with contractors to get the job done at the right cost and within the deadline given by the client.

  1. Entrepreneur

Professionals holding this qualification have adequate skills and knowledge to start an interior design firm of their own. They can contact potential clients and take up interesting projects to build their portfolio. Building a decent portfolio can help them get bigger and better paying clients, which can help their business grow. As an interior design business owner, professionals have to work with different professionals like contractors, plumbers, electricians and others to get the job done well. While this is an exciting career prospect, being an entrepreneur comes with its own challenges so it is best to consider different avenues before choosing this as a career path.


If you pursue a B.Sc Interior Design course in Nashik, you can gain excellent career opportunities. This is because these programs are designed to provide students with an industry-synced education and training in the field. Colleges in Nashik focus on skill development through workshops, seminars, field trips, educational excursions and student exchange programs. These colleges also offer compulsory internships and 100% placement assistance. Conduct some research to choose the right college to pursue a degree in interior design. Good luck!

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