Reasons to Pursue M.Tech Environmental Engineering from Sandip University

Reasons to Pursue M.Tech Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is the most popular specialisation in civil engineering. Sandip University is one of the top environmental engineering colleges in Maharashtra to offer a specialisation in environmental engineering.

Environmental engineering is an integral part of our fight against climate change and environmental deterioration. We need well-trained and skilled environmental engineers to create technology and drive innovation that can help us protect life on earth by safeguarding the environment.

Sandip University is dedicated towards creating skilled professionals in this field. If you are interested in building a career in environmental engineering, here are the top reasons to pursue M.Tech in Environmental Engineering from Sandip University:

1. Industry-synced Curriculum

A course’s curriculum can make or break your career prospects as it lays the foundation for the kind of education and training you will receive. It is important to pursue a program that has an industry-relevant curriculum to help you integrate into the industry in the future. Sandip University has partnered with various leading companies and experts from the industry to build the right course curriculum. M.Tech Environmental Engineering at Sandip University is a unification of relevant academic knowledge and lab work. The goal is to help students build their knowledge as well as skills in environmental engineering to become employable professionals in this field.

2. Value Addition & Global Certifications

While it is important for the course curriculum to be up to the mark, it is always better to have added some value addition and global certifications to your resume. This can help you attract the right career opportunities upon graduation. Sandip University offers a wide range of value addition and global certifications that can help you build a global career in environmental engineering. Students can avail these programs along-side their degree program to build a better portfolio and gain relevant technical skills in environmental engineering.

3. 100% Placement Assistance

Sandip University has a dedicated placement cell that oversees placement opportunities for students. 100% placement assistance is given by the university to students through annual placement drives held on-campus. Sandip University has partnered with over 150 industry leaders to provide students with the right start to their career. These industry partners help conduct various workshops, industry visits and compulsory internships to help students gain industry exposure. Sandip University does everything possible to ensure that students are able to create a promising environmental engineering career in India.

4. Specialised Labs

Lab work is an important part of engineering programs. No engineer can claim to have employable skills unless they are trained in high-tech labs. Sandip University has created subject-wise specialised labs where students can gain skill-focused training. These labs are equipped with the latest equipment and tools to provide students with futuristic training. Sandip University has various labs relevant to environmental engineering such as hydraulics lab, geotechnical engineering lab, environmental engineering lab, and concrete technology lab, to name a few.

5. Overall Student Development

Today, companies expect students to be well-rounded professionals from day-one of their recruitment. Companies want to recruit dynamic professionals who have enhanced their technical as well as soft skills at college. To this end, Sandip University constantly organises co-curricular and extracurricular activities to facilitate overall student development. Student clubs, student fests, workshops, and sports competitions are a part and parcel of student life at Sandip University. The goal is to help students develop their personality while also focusing on developing communication skills, leadership skills, analytical thinking skills, and time management skills.

6. High Qualified Faculty

Every college needs to have a highly experienced and qualified faculty to ensure that students are trained to become professional assets to an industry. Sandip University makes it a point to recruit faculty members holding PhDs from IITs and NITs across India to train students. These faculty members bring with them great professional experience, qualifications, and research capabilities that help them guide students efficiently. Students are able to glean relevant skills and knowledge from these faculty members to become highly employable professionals in the field of their choice.

7. A Holistic Educational Experience

Sandip University is located in a lush green campus spanning across 250 acres. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled to ensure connectivity across the campus. The university’s campus is enhanced with various amenities that enhance each student’s overall student experience. At Sandip University, students enjoy modern hostels, hygienic canteens, well-designed gardens, sports grounds, and much more to help them experience the best in education.


Sandip University is an ideal hub of higher education in Maharashtra. Students pursuing M.Tech in Environmental Engineering can gain a well-rounded and globally-recognised education in the field. The course is designed to cater to the current and futuristic challenges faced by the environmental engineering industry. There are many public and private companies that recruit environmental engineers on a regular basis. So, if you are serious about a career in this field, Sandip University can help you transform your career goals into a thriving reality!

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