Sandipotsav: The Legacy Of Sandip University


Annual days are very common in most colleges where students participate in a bunch of competitions and a series of awards are given out at the end of the day. However, all of that usually happens for one single day. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your college had an annual festival that wasn’t for a day but a whole week? Well, you don’t have to imagine such a scenario; you can simply be a part of Sandipotsav!

Sandipotsav is a week-long celebration where we encourage our students along with our alumni to participate in various festivities, competitions, and activities. It is a team building activity of epic proportions where all students from various educational backgrounds come together and take part in whichever activities suit their skills.

Here is the list of activities planned out during Sandipotsav

  1. Group Day and Traditional DayOn this day our students are encouraged to show up in traditional attire of their choice. Group activities and events are held, helping our students break all barriers and come together for a day full of fun.
  2. Mismatch Day and Retro DayOn the second day of Sandipotsav Mismatch Day and Retro Day are held. All students are expected to come dressed in clothes that don’t ideally match with one another or in outfits that are reminiscent of the retro days back in the 90’s. It is great fun for everyone to observe each other’s hilarious outfits. The day is again packed with fun-filled activities to keep the students engaged.
  3. Devil & Angel Day and Black & White DayOn this day students show up in outfits that are either black and white or those that express the angel or devil in them. It’s a day where students express their creative side in coming up with outfits that can create the most amount of shock and awe amongst their peers. Students are encouraged to participate in activities like plays and other such events aimed at boosting students’ creativity and imagination.
  4. Sari & Tie Day and Chocolate & Rose DayStudents really look forward to Sari & Tie day as they want to put their best foot forward by either flaunting a stunning sari or a dashing tuxedo. Students eagerly look forward to this day as they can exchange chocolates and flowers amongst friends. It is a day of joy and friendship, a time to make unforgettable memories.
  5. Cultural FestivalOn this day students display their talents like mehendi drawing and rangoli making. Students are also encouraged to participate in dance competitions and sporting events. Prizes are distributed on this day to all the winners of all the different events in Sandipotsav. Cultural Festival marks the end of Sandipotsav with great pomp and joy.

Such events and competitions are often the highlights of a student’s campus life at college. Besides being great fun, these events also inculcate various skills like team building, coordination, competitive spirit, sportsmanship, creativity and many more. Sandipotsav is bound to be an unforgettable memory for all our students, something that they will definitely reminisce about later in life.

At Sandip University you can endeavor to attain quality education besides participating in various extracurricular activities that will help you shape your personality and in turn your future. You can experience outcome-based education with a diverse curriculum in Engineering & TechnologyComputing Sciences & EngineeringLawCommerce & Management ScienceScienceSocial ScienceFashion Design & Beauty CosmetologyPharmaceutical Sciences, and School of Design.

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