Scope of Accessories Design in India and abroad

Scope of Accessories Design in India

Conventionally, fashion was just limited to clothes and fabrics. Whatever career one could make in fashion was related to apparel design. However, in today’s world the face of the fashion industry has changed altogether and the fashion industry is equally giving importance to accessory design. People today have become more and more conscious of how they dress up, the accessories that they pair up with the clothes etc. Therefore, today the scope of fashion has also broadened to include this field. It means the design of handbags, belts, shoes, hair accessories, costume jewellery, leather goods, watches, giftware, tableware, silverware, crystal ware, office furniture, consumer interface design, automobile accessories design, and retail environment design amongst a few. The demand therefore has brought up a great scope in this field being studied as a sub-domain of the fashion design field. This course is available in both India and abroad. There are many colleges offering this fashion design course in Nashik.

These colleges train the students in expertise domains that are needed for this field such as consumer behaviour, market dynamics, fashion trends, financial and budget aspects of the business, stakeholder relationships, consumer economics amongst a few topics. There are some global influential fashion designers such as Nicky Epstein, Meg Swansen, Arne Nerjordet, Carlos Zachirison, and Kristin Nicholas. The famous MNC companies related to fashion are Framenti, Belisi fashions, Hunter boot, Gucci, Ltd, Nixon, the Swatch group, etc.

The scope of fashion designing has widened, encompassing the following aspects. The top fashion design colleges in Maharashtra offer courses in the following fields:

1. Jewellery Designer

Jewellery Designing is a growing field in India. The role of a jewellery designer involves designing, creating and selling the new jewellery. The jewellery designer has to create the jewellery according to the latest market trends and keeping in mind the consumer’s choices and tastes. It is important therefore for a jewellery designer to be well versed with the latest trends and fashions in the industry so as to generate demand for their products. Initially, jewellery designing was only limited to the designing of beads and gemstones. However, now the field has widened encompassing brass and silver jewellery, including other metals. Quilted jewellery patterns and handcrafted jewellery is also in vogue and can be pursued as a standalone career by students. The top fashion design colleges in Nashik offer some of the best courses in jewellery design which the students can pursue. After pursuing this course or specialising in this subdomain, the students can work in national as well as international companies or can venture their own store or business.

2. Footwear/Shoe Designer

Footwear designing is also one of the important subfields in fashion designing. A shoe designer is involved in the full process of shoe designing from the selection of the fabrics, to the designing and sewing of the shoe. Gone are the days when people did not give importance to the shoes that they wear. Nowadays the fashion consciousness in the general public has also led them to choose trendy shoes according to their taste. Therefore, footwear design as a subfield is growing at an exponential rate. The scope of accessories design in India is growing including branches like shoe/footwear design

3. Leather Accessory Designer

Leather technology is a fast growing field in India. Until some years ago, people worked in this field through experience and not because of formal training. However, now things are changing and specialised courses are offered to design accessories in a particular fabric for eg. leather. A leather accessory designer is responsible for making leather accessories such as bags, belts, caps, bracelets etc. But now, in India, scores of institutes are offering bachelors, masters, certificates as well as degree and diploma courses in this field and therefore a specialisation in this field is possible.

4. Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are very important in today’s world. A fashion designer is responsible to outline, create and design products. The scope of fashion designing however has widened. A fashion designer therefore is not only involved in making clothes. A fashion designer has to think beyond clothes while designing. This means that fashion designers apply culture, aesthetics, traditions and a way of life while designing the clothes. Fashion designers also have to work collaboratively with other individuals in the fashion business such as merchandisers, fashion makers, costume designers, modelling agencies, magazine editors, design firms amongst others. The job of a fashion designer is to produce something that people can love wearing. The fashion designer is responsible for the end to end process of selecting the fabric, designing the fabric as per the fashion trends and networking it in various mediums to show the collection on the runway.

Therefore, it can be said that the fashion industry is an international multi-billion dollar industry with many sectors encompassing outwear, footwear, handbags and more. Fashion is beyond what we wear. Fashion therefore does not only tell what you like in clothes but also determines where you come from. In order to gain a deeper knowledge of this industry, a formal training in this industry is very much essential. Fortunately, there are various colleges in India offering this course and one can gain a degree in this course to venture into this industry. Good Luck!

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