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Job Prospects after Bcom in Financial Management

Job Prospects after B.Com in Financial Management

A B.Com degree is not a common degree these days. Initially a B.Com degree meant nothing as far as getting employed was concerned but now with the specializations a B.Com degree has gained importance and it also train the students on the employability skills  Obtaining a degree does not guarantee a successful career following a […]

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Business Analytics Program

Which is the Best Business Analytics Program from Sandip University?

Sandip University offers many undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and the best business analytics program the university offers is New Age MBA in Business Analytics. Business analytics is the tool that businesses across different industries use to make accurate decisions. These decisions can range from marketing to product development and organisational issues. It also helps businesses […]

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Top MBA Courses in 2022

MBA Courses Most in Demand in 2022

There are many Master of Business Administration or MBA courses that are in demand in 2022. MBA is one of the top qualifications that leading businesses seek in their management employees. This is a globally recognised qualification with versatile applications that can help professionals land top management positions in businesses across different industries. Top MBA […]

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Top mba Courses in Nashik

Which MBA Courses have the Highest Value?

Master of Business Administration or an MBA is a competitive postgraduate degree with a lot of value that originated over a hundred years old. Over the years, this degree has gained global recognition and today it is one of the most popular business degrees out there. There are many diverse specialisations in business management courses […]

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Importance of Placements in MBA Colleges

What is the Importance of Placements in Top MBA Colleges?

Students applying MBA programs place a lot of importance to placements, especially in top MBA colleges. While getting a job after receiving a degree, be it in any field, is a valid goal to strive for. However, it is more important for MBA colleges to place their students because an MBA program is not like […]

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Top MBA Colleges in Maharashtra

What do Top MBA Colleges in Maharashtra Offer?

Pursuing an MBA degree from top MBA colleges in Maharashtra can help you launch a global career in the field of your choice. An MBA degree is a two-year postgraduate program that provides students with relevant academic knowledge and industry-synced managerial skills. This is one of the most widely recognised postgraduate degrees in the world. […]

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