The Advantages of Pursuing New Age MBA from Sandip University

Advantages of Pursuing New Age MBA from Sandip University

Sandip University is the best university to pursue a New Age MBA. It is high time now that we tailor the MBA according to the needs of the industry. It is now that we design a new MBA that fulfils the needs and demands of the market. Sandip University offers this new age MBA in marketing, which is tailored to meet the needs of the industry. It is amongst the best MBA programmes in Nashik. This is a degree which is designed taking into consideration the growing needs of the industry and the requirements of today’s age. Many students decide to go for this modern age MBA for the benefits it offers and for its characteristics. There are numerous benefits of pursuing this MBA as follows:

1) Industry-Oriented Curriculum: The New Age MBA has an updated curriculum, tailored according to the needs of the industry. This helps the students to learn the skills that are actually important and that are being practised in the real world. That is why doing this MBA is of importance and is beneficial for students. Traditionally, all MBA programmes have a theoretical foundation, and students are simply expected to sit in class and listen to the lectures. But the new age MBA is different in the sense that students are taught about the skills and knowledge that are actually needed in the industry. This helps them to prepare themselves for the outside world and to possess all the skills that are needed to work in managerial positions in the industry. The university has a panel of experts who decide the curriculum and, therefore, industry-oriented skills are imbibed in the curriculum.

2) Internships: The New Age MBA comes with a 6-month paid internship. An MBA is all about getting someone ready for work and getting someone industrially equipped and ready. An internship is very important in order to get practical exposure. Therefore, this is one of the biggest benefits of pursuing this MBA is that it comes with an internship that teaches the students real-world and industry skills. For example, students, when they go through these internships, learn a lot about various types of skills such as human resources or people skills, marketing skills, finance skills, relationship building etc. They learn about what work culture is all about and how to behave and conduct themselves in an office setting. Also, doing these internships develops confidence amongst the students to take up jobs after graduation. It distinguishes between books and the real world and teaches students pragmatism.

3) Add-on Certifications: Conventionally, an MBA was sufficient to land you a good job. However, in today’s world, add-on certifications and industry training programmes are very important. This is because certifications actually help the students to work in a particular field, which is specialised and also helps in giving hands-on experience to the students. Certifications also help in upgrading their resume according to industry standards. Therefore, doing the new age MBA from the top MBA colleges in Maharashtra is beneficial since one gets certified, ready and equipped to take a jump in the new skills-oriented world.

4) Specialisation in Business Analytics: The School works to develop managerial expertise while also preparing future leaders. The program’s curriculum, which was developed in consultation with industry experts, combines all three components of analytics—descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive—along with appropriate tools and data management techniques, in order to get a good grasp of the business analytics subject and great industry exposure. As a result, the new age MBA can provide students with wings by training them in subjects that will be useful in the future.

In conclusion, it can be said that the New Age MBA is the best MBA degree in management that one can pursue. It offers enormous benefits to the students to prepare them for the future. It grooms the students to be industry leaders and land plush jobs. The main benefit of pursuing this MBA is that it prepares the students for the new and challenging world. So what are you waiting for? Come join this course soon!

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