The Advantages of Pursuing New Age MBA from Sandip University

Advantages of Pursuing New Age MBA from Sandip University

Nowadays, there are many public and private universities offering MBA programs. Students prefer to do these MBA programs to upgrade their skills. These traditional MBA programs do not give any specialised benefits to the students. With the changing scenario of the industry, the requirements of the employers have changed. Nowadays employers require the students with the specialised skills and knowledge to fulfil their needs. Therefore, the knowledge of the traditional MBA is not sufficient for the same.

With these requirements and needs of the industry in consideration, Sandip University has designed a New Age MBA, which tailors to all the needs of the industry and helps the students to build in the skills that are required to grow in the industry and cater to the ever-changing needs of the employers. It is one of the best MBA programs in Nashik.

The world is looking for managers and business leaders who can lead the business of the global Economy. Sandip University’s School of Commerce and Management Studies has quickly achieved a process of delivering an experiential learning experience that drives global presence and transformation.

It offers the New Age MBA in two specialisations; mainly MBA in Business Analytics and MBA in Banking and Financial Services.

MBA (Business Analytics)

The MBA in Business Analytics helps students master the business based on analytics. The school strives to prepare future leaders to enhance management knowledge.

The program’s curriculum was developed in consultation with industry experts and includes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. These are developed in various courses and combined with appropriate tools and data management techniques. The program helps students gain the knowledge that they need to turn their organisation’s data into tactical assets to create business value and make data-driven strategic decisions for their organisation. Big data analytics captures the imagination of business and industry leaders around the world. Big data is big business as companies look to extract value from their data through the 5Vs. The challenge of analysing big data offers real business value. Management teams are now using big data analytics to identify trends, uncover patterns, and uncover valuable insights. New Age MBA therefore is certainly one of the best MBA degrees in Management.

Salient Features of the MBA (Business Analytics)

The New Age MBA program is popular management courses in Nashik amongst the students because of various special features that it possesses. The New Age MBA promises 100% placement guarantee to the students. This means that all the students who have passed this course will get jobs according to their skills and experience.

The New Age MBA differs from the other traditional MBA also because of the infrastructure that it provides. A smart classroom, with the infusion of technology in education, a new laptop and complementary course to learn foreign languages is what the New Age MBA provides. In order to get a real world view of the problems and to develop the problem solving skills, the students are taught case studies from Harvard Business School.

In order to get the experience of solving real world problems, 6 months paid internship is also provided in the course. This internship program helps the students to get the real world experience of working in a business environment. The students are also given an opportunity to experience the global working environment and styles through an educational trip to Dubai and Singapore. The international study tour is an opportunity for the students to closely study the workings of the globalised world.

The curriculum of this course is designed in such a manner that it develops the new and emerging skills in the students. These skills are required by the students to deal in the ever-changing global world. Things are changing at an unprecedented rate and it is therefore necessary to catch up with the skills that are in demand in the market. The industry-oriented curriculum helps the students to cope up with the growing skills in the industry. These all features make the New Age MBA different and exceptional from the other MBA programs.

Some of the important program outcomes of the MBA in Business Analytics involves recognising, understanding and applying the language, theory and models of the business analytics field. The course also trains the students in critically analysing, synthesising, and solving complex, unstructured business problems. The students receive hands-on experience in using various analytical tools to drive business growth. One of the important program outcomes is that this course develops critical thinking amongst the students. It hones the student’s aptitude for business improvement, innovation and entrepreneurship. The students are trained to identify and define solutions that maximise the value an organisation provides to its stakeholders.

MBA (Banking and Financial Services)

This program is designed for students who want to acquire and improve their business knowledge and industry-specific skills at BFSI. The program has been developed with an understanding of best management practices, industry-relevant professional skills, and Indian banking regulatory standards. The program has been developed by experts from banks, financial institutions and international business schools and is aligned with regulators, certification providers and banking technology partners.

The program focuses on integrating local and global needs and required skills and attributes to ensure the highest ROI and lifelong learning for developing future leaders and managers in the banking and financial services sector. It is intended for students who are interested and passionate about gaining knowledge and pursuing a career in the banking and financial services sector.

The MBA in Banking and Financial Services offers the same benefits and features as the MBA in Business Analytics. After pursuing this course, the students are ready to start their career in the Banking and Financial Services industry.

The New Age MBA is different from the other traditional MBA programs because of certain special features that it offers. The New Age MBA’s rigorous on-campus training is combined with a 06-month paid internship in the industry. An industry-integrated, sector-specific MBA degree prepares you for the best leadership careers in the banking and financial services sector. The degree gives you a chance of earning certifications from various partners. It helps you to gain knowledge on using the industry-tools through hands-on training of various softwares and technologies. It helps to build an industry-focused learning ecosystem to accelerate India on its journey to build financial skills and competencies. The students also get the opportunity to get advanced professional training courses for bankers on business analysis and financial modeling using Excel. The pedagogy of this program includes case-based learning, industry simulations, and immersion projects.

Duration of the Program

  •         24 months
  •         2000+ hours of learning
  •         (60% practice and projects + 40% theory)


In conclusion, it can be said that the New Age MBA is a management program, which is only offered at top MBA colleges in Maharashtra like Sandip University designed in such a manner, that it caters to the growing and changing needs of the industry. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers the knowledge, skills and competencies that are needed for the future. The global internships and placements that the New Age MBA provides also helps in developing a new perspective in the students.

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