The Advantages of Studying Beauty Cosmetology at Sandip University

Advantages of Studying Beauty Cosmetology

This course is perfectly designed for students interested in working in the global cosmetics industry and interested in branding and promoting beauty and cosmetic products and services. This course teaches a wide range of practical, creative and entrepreneurial skills. Interested students will also have the opportunity to explore important and current trends in the beauty and cosmetics industry. This study program is supported by visits to appropriate cosmetic and beauty industry events or organisations and/or guest lectures by experts involved in promoting cosmetic or beauty services.

Eligibility Criteria to pursue Beauty Cosmetology

Passed XII or Science equivalent course in science discipline from any recognised board for minimum 50% general (open category) and 4% marks for students of SC and ST category.

Diploma in Pharmacy (12+2) from any recognised board/council/college for minimum 50% marks for general (open category) and 45% marks for students for SC and ST category. (Admission to second year B.Sc Cosmetics (Lateral Entry).

There are many reasons for pursuing your beauty cosmetology program at Sandip University. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Advanced and Industry-Oriented Curriculum

The curriculum for this course is of advanced nature, which covers all the latest trends and methodologies in this field. This course is such that it is practically oriented and needs hands-on training. The curriculum for this course is designed in such a manner so that students are able to practise the practical curriculum and gain some practical knowledge and skills in this industry. The learning methodology in which students are taught such as roleplays, experiential learning, practical internships etc make their concepts clear and also develop their personality. By imparting an advanced curriculum to the students, they are groomed to face the challenges of the new world by learning about the current happenings in the industry. This is the reason why advanced curriculum is of significance especially in such types of courses where practical training and hands-on experience is very important.

Distinguished Faculty

Beauty Cosmetology is such a course that if it is taught by distinguished faculty then the concepts are clear and since it is a new course in the country, the faculties that are required for this course are knowledgeable and experienced ones. The faculty acts as the mentor to the students. The faculty guides the students in understanding the concepts and in their journey of pursuing a career in the field of beauty cosmetology.

Plethora of Career Opportunities

Beauty Cosmetology is an interesting field and there are many career opportunities in this field. Students can work in a variety of job roles after graduating from this course. The different career roles that students can take after graduating from Beauty Cosmetology are product developer, product officer, quality control inspector, regulatory officer, perfumetry evaluator, product evaluator and cosmetic researcher to name a few.

Salary and Financial Prospects

The majority of hair and makeup artists can charge for their time. You have the option to specify your prices and set your own fees. The amount of money you make depends entirely on how much time and effort you put in. Make sure that your clients are paying for both your skill level and your time. Develop a customer that will pay you for the abilities you acquire.

Live Workshops and Industry Exposure

The course of Beauty Cosmetology includes live workshops where students can practise their knowledge of beauty cosmetology in a practical manner. Students are given the opportunity to practise in the labs of advanced infrastructural facilities. Conventionally, courses were taught in such a manner where the students were expected to learn only theoretical aspects of the course. However, in Sandip University, students are encouraged to learn the practical methods of doing the work as they would do in an actual manner in the industry.

Thriving Learning Environment

It is rightly said that the environment plays a very important role in the students’ learning and growth. Sandip University offers a fun-filled and competitive learning environment where the students can immerse in endless discussions, brainstorming sessions, dialogues with their faculty, mentors, motivation, and encouragement for their career endeavours. A thriving happy environment is one of the important reasons that one should join Sandip University.

Global Collaborations

Sandip University has international collaborations with various universities and colleges. These global collaborations are useful for the students to get jobs as well as be exposed to the global studying and working environment. Students joining this institute have the chance to make use of this opportunity of learning the best practices in their field globally.

Flexible Schedule

A career in cosmetology gives you more options than other jobs do. You can create a schedule that suits your needs. When you have time, your clients can wait. You have the choice to create a life where you do not miss the crucial moments if you choose to pursue cosmetology. The beauty cosmetology courses are flexible in nature, and one can therefore manage these courses according to their schedule. Classes can be scheduled to run in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The curriculum includes a variety of classes, including practical instruction, classroom instruction, and fundamental salon skills like sanitation, business classes, and experience working with clients in the on-campus salon. It is a flexible profession. Therefore, if one is looking to work in a flexible time schedule then this is a profession that one can pursue.


To conclude, it can be said that there are numerous benefits of pursuing this course at Sandip University. Once a student joins this course, he is groomed to be a professional beauty cosmetologist. He has a lot of scope to explore various opportunities.

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