Top Reasons to Pursue Business Analytics from Sandip University

Business Analytics Program

Sandip University’s MBA in Business Analytics is one of the most popular courses that teaches the processes, technologies, and techniques for transforming data into information and knowledge to make better business decisions. Sandip University has partnered with IBM to provide students with cutting-edge training and skills that will help them differentiate themselves in the corporate world. Modern companies are competitive and need to stay ahead of the curve by gaining better insight into their business in order to gain better insight into their industry and business. This is what the study of business analytics offers, helping students make better decisions in key areas.

This two-year MBA in the Business Analytics Program at Sandip University consists of study in a variety of major and elective courses. These include data mining, organisational data management, Six Sigma, and total quality management. As a technology-oriented institution, Sandip University offers the best course platform for learning business analytics. Particular attention is paid not only to teaching subjects, but also to guiding students in their career choices.

Program Benefits

This program is taught by experienced IBM faculty in partnership with Sandip University.

Students enrolled in this program have access to IBM courseware and curriculum. The student will receive their professional certification from IBM upon completion of the program.

Students are co-developed with IBM for a variety of industry specialties based on the skill requirements of a variety of organisations around the world, including banking, computer services, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and other industries that benefit from an innovative curriculum.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Business Analytics                                                                      

Successful completion of at least a three-year Bachelor’s degree awarded by any of the Universities recognized by the Commission on Universities or the Association of Universities of India, with an overall score of at least 50% or equivalent (for reserved categories and individual candidates At least 45% if) have attained in any field) with a disability relevant only to Maharashtra) or equivalent and scores obtained on CET/XAT/MAT/CAT conducted by the competent authority.

Why should you Pursue Business Analytics from Sandip University?

In addition to the bachelors and master’s degree program, there are also many Business Analytics Certification Courses in Nashik that train you to become a Business Analyst. There are various reasons because of which you should pursue your Business Analytics from Sandip University. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Distinguished Faculty

One of the most important reasons for which you should pursue your Business Analytics degree from Sandip University is the distinguished and eminent faculty that teaches in this University. Business Analytics is such a program that along with self-study, faculty teachings are also required. Our faculty here comes from IBM. They have numerous years of experience with a strong exposure to international standards. They train the students not only on latest trends but also develop their overall personality to be a successful Business Analytics Manager. The faculty also gives personalised attention to the students and makes sure that they thoroughly understand the concepts. A good faculty is required because the field of Business Analytics is a complex one and if the students have any doubts then they can clarify with the faculty.

  1. Advanced Curriculum

Now a day’s only theoretical curriculum is of no use. The highlight of the Business Analytics program is its advanced curriculum with the partnership with IBM. Students learn the IBM curriculum and skill themselves for their future needs. This curriculum consists of all the knowledge and skills that the students require to thrive in the industry. Therefore, it is very important to learn the advanced curriculum if one wants to catch up with the latest trends in the industry.

  1. Personality Development

Students are developed jointly with IBM in various industry specialties based on the skill requirements of various organisations around the world. This includes banking, computer services, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and other industries that benefit innovative curriculum. Business Analytics is also about how the students perform in the organisation and business analytics roles require a certain kind of smartness in the students. Analytical and critical thinking skills are developed in the students through the Business Analytics curriculum and through the advice of the faculty. Personality development is therefore an important part of the Business Analytics profession.

  1. Infrastructural Facilities

Sandip University has an excellent infrastructure in terms of air-conditioned classrooms, distinguished faculty, updated curriculum and the latest trends that students can use. They also have their own labs and discussion rooms where students can spend their time in a productive manner. These high-end infrastructural facilities help the students to perform their best and give them an additional boost to their career.

  1. Professional Certificates

One of the most important recognition after completing the Business Analytics Program is the certificate that one gets from this course. These certificates are recognised from IBM and therefore help the students to get a job. These professional certificates help the students make employable.

  1. 100% Placement

All the programs at Sandip University offer 100% placement support. This is a very important factor because students pursue courses as they want to gain employment and placement opportunities. 100% placement opportunity is therefore much required if one wants to pursue a program. Sandip University trains the students to get placement opportunities after they pass a program. Sandip University is one of the unique university to provide Business Analytics courses with placements in Nashik.

  1. Advanced Methods of Teaching

Sandip University adopts advanced methods of teaching as against the traditional methods of rote learning. In order to teach a subject such as Business Analytics, advanced methods of teaching are necessary. Sandip University adopts experiential learning and other interactive methods for teaching. These advanced methods of teaching that the University adopts helps the students in quick learning of the concepts and makes their learning journey easy.

  1. Advanced Technology

At Sandip University advanced technology is used for educating the students and for learning. The usage of advanced technology is important as the world is changing and growing very fast. In order to keep up with the changes in the growing world, using the latest technology is of utmost importance and very much needed.

  1. Recognised University

All the courses at Sandip University are recognised and have a good market outside. They are accredited by UGC and AICTE and therefore whichever course that you pursue in this University is good for you to search for placements outside. The degrees therefore are recognised for searching and finding jobs.

  1. Internships and field Trips

Another major advantage of pursuing a Business Analytics program is the internships and field trips which one can take. Every course requires certain practical training. The internships and field trips that the course provides helps the students to apply their Business Analytics knowledge to the real world.

In conclusion, it can be said that Sandip University is the best place to pursue the Business Analytics program. Students can get both theoretical as well as practical training of the program for this course at Sandip University.

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