Top 4 Cyber Security Trends That Emerged In 2021

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The cyberspace has been one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. There have been tremendous advancements in the cyberspace, making it an integral part of our daily life. Cyberspace is no longer a means with which people engage in mere social interaction, it has become increasingly integral to businesses, so much so that a number of businesses are conducted completely online. Since cyberspace is playing such an integral role in our lives now, cyber-attacks and hacks have also become a bitter reality we are forced to deal with. In 2021, the cyberspace has seen a huge number of cyber attacks by professional cybercriminals. This kind of disruptive activity calls for an urgent need to address the issue of cyber security.

Top 4 Cyber Security Trends That Have Emerged in 2021:

Automation Impacts Efficiency of Cyber Attack Analysis and Response

The use of animation and robotics has affected the area of cyber security with regard to incident detection, analysis, and response. There has been a non-stop barrage of cyber attacks happening round the clock, and the response team needs to be equipped with the skills and technology to curb the success of these cyber attacks. Human error needs to be curbed and so there has been an increase in the adoption of robotics in detecting and dealing with these incidents. This kind of technology needs trained engineers to facilitate the transition.

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is on the Rise

Massive developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning have picked up over the last few years. These technologies can actually effectively identify a threat and neutralise it before it actually wreaks much havoc. More and more businesses are adopting the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating opportunities for competent cyber security engineers. However, even cybercriminals are using the same technology to counter-attack the precautions businesses are taking for cyber security. There is a need for more skilled cyber security engineers who can counter this attack and secure the cyberspace.

IoT is Under Attack

Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way we live through technologies like driverless vehicles, smartwatches, smart workplaces, smart cities, and many such advancements. Since IoT has become so vital to our lives, it also attracts a large number of cyber attacks. Cybercriminals can hack into devices connected through IoT and retrieve valuable personal information that they can further use to facilitate their criminal intent. The industry needs a standardised framework that can monitor and regulate the functions of IoT to facilitate its safe usage and limit incidents of attacks on IoT by cybercriminals.

Increased Focus on Data Privacy Laws

The cyberspace is ever-evolving and so, existing regulations are rendered outdated by the minute. In 2019, government agencies and businesses are increasing focus on data privacy laws. These agencies are coming up with laws and regulations that can counter cyber criminal acts and bring cyber criminals to justice. The main purpose of these laws is to protect individual data and strengthen cyber security laws that will safeguard and prevent the loss of data in the first place. These laws are designed to prevent companies from merely reacting to cyber security threats and actively become more proactive in identifying and eliminating these threats.

Who is qualified to deal with issues of Cyber Security?

Computer science engineers with a background in cyber security and forensics can help counter cyber security threats. There are many professional programs available at various leading educational institutes that equip students with the skills and knowledge to deal with cyber crime. If you want to make a career in cyber security and forensic then this is the right time to do so as this is one industry that is on the rise and is constantly looking for newer talent in the field. The medical, banking and government sector suffer the most due to cyber crime and so are always looking for skilled cyber security and forensic professional.

How do you become a qualified Cyber Security Expert?

Sandip University can help you become a qualified cyber security and forensic expert through its comprehensive programs. Sandip University has collaborated with IBM to offer students an industry-oriented B.Tech in Cyber Security and Forensic. This program is designed to combat the current and emerging struggles faced in the cyberspace.

The entire program and its curriculum have been charted out by Sandip University’s efficient faculty members and experts from IBM. Sandip University houses well-equipped computer labs to enhance students’ practical skills. Students undergo rigorous training through activities like workshops, projects, internships, industry visits, field trips, seminars, webinars, and hackathons, to name a few. Sandip University proudly offers 100% placement to students.

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