Top 5 Reasons to Pursue BBA After 12th | Trending BBA Courses 2021

Trending BBA Courses

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is an excellent career choice as this is one of the most diverse degrees you will find today. Whether you want to work for an established company or run your own business, a BBA degree will go a long way in establishing your career. Since this degree has a lot of value, some of the best management colleges in Maharashtra offer multiple specialisations along with a BBA degree.

Top 5 Reasons To Pursue BBA After 12th in 2021:

  1. Versatile Degree with Massive Scope

Since BBA degrees are a combination of practical and theoretical subjects, the training students receive while pursuing this degree helps them build careers in multiple industries. Most businesses look for well-trained and skilled business administrators and managers to run their business so this is one of the most versatile degrees, and professionals will find job offers in multiple industries with this degree.

  1. Excellent Exposure

The curriculum of a BBA program is designed to provide students with valuable skills like effective communication, problem solving, efficient decision making, and employable managerial acumen. Since the course also includes projects, industry visits, presentations, internships, and many such activities that give them unique industry exposure for a brighter career ahead.

  1. Universal Appeal

A BBA degree is globally recognised if pursued from a reputed college or university. Hence, the degree is extremely valuable as with this qualification you can attract international job opportunities, or pursue higher education abroad. A universally recognised degree can also help you gain job opportunities in MNCs which can lead to lateral transfers in their global branches based on your performance.

  1. Foundation for an MBA Degree

An MBA degree can really skyrocket your career to success. Having a BBA degree before applying for an MBA degree will give you an edge over your classmates and other professionals in the industry as you will already have the advanced skills and industry exposure that comes with a BBA degree which other degrees lack.

  1. Great Return on Investment

Professionals holding a BBA degree earn on par with their counterparts in fields like pharmacy and engineering. BBA degrees are also not as expensive as a lot of other undergraduate programs so the cost of education is quite low compared to the salary you can draw. Add to that an MBA qualification and you will have a very lucrative career with quick promotions based on your performance in the company.

Trending BBA Courses in 2021

There are a number of BBA programs with innovative specialisations offered by top management colleges in India. Here are the top trending BBA courses in 2021:

  1. BBA Financial Management

About the Program

BBA in Financial Management is a competitive undergraduate program that is spread across three years and six semesters. Each semester consists of a number of topics that help students understand the intricacies of managing a futuristic financial business. After completing this program you can pursue MBA in Financial Management to further enhance your career.

Course Curriculum

BBA in Financial Management’s course curriculum includes Organisational Behaviour, Business Mathematics, Managerial Economics, Business research Methodology, Environmental Studies, Global Competence and Self Development, Financial Management for Managers, and Leadership and Management Skills, to name a few topics.

Career Scope

After completing this program professionals can be hired as Deputy Manager Finances, Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, Business Analyst, and Client Financial Manager at Amazon India, Flipkart, Tata, TCS, Godrej Group, IKEA, Reliance Group, etc.

  1. BBA Agribusiness Management

About the Program

BBA in Agribusiness Management is a three year program further divided into six semesters. The program focuses on the detailed workings of an agribusiness. After completing this program professionals can pursue an MBA in Agribusiness Management or in another field of their choosing that can help them boost their career in agribusiness.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for BBA in Agribusiness Management includes a variety of topics including Business Ethics, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Statistics for Business, Leadership and Managerial Skills, Business Taxation, Financial Management, Managerial Economics, and Principles of Accounting.

Career Scope

After completing this program professionals can be placed as Marketing Managers, Financial Managers, Agri Farm Managers, Commodity Traders, Business Analysts, and Grain Merchandiser in leading private and public sector agricultural firms or organisations in India.

  1. BBA LLB

About the Program

BBA LLB is an undergraduate law degree that combines the business administration aspects of a business degree with a law degree to give students an edge over their peers in the industry. If you want to pursue a career in business or corporate law then this is the best qualification with you. This program is spread across 5 years and 10 semesters. After completing this program you have the dual advantage of pursuing either an MBA degree or an LLM degree with specialisation in Business or Corporate Law.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum of best BBA LLB colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra includes a range of topics pertaining to a BBA and LLB degree including Principles of Accounting, Legal Methods, Business Ethics, Legal English, Business Communication, Business Strategy, Law of Contract, Foreign Language, Constitutional Law, Management Information System, Law of Crimes, etc.

Career Scope

After completing this program professionals can work as attorneys in law firms, or for private companies. They can also be hired as legal advisors by businesses, or as business managers for businesses who want their managers to have background legal knowledge.


BBA is a great undergraduate program to pursue owing to the vast scope and opportunities open to professionals holding this degree. Many top management colleges in Nashik offer cutting-edge BBA programs with excellent specialisations. Look for colleges that have a well-designed curriculum to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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