Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Law College

Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Law College

A career in law can be extremely challenging and at the same time very fulfilling. Today law colleges have a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs you can choose from for a thriving career in law. With a law degree from one of the top law colleges in Nashik, you will have the power to drive real change in society, and also embark upon a distinguished career in the field of your choosing. So how do you decide which college is the right fit for you?

Here are the top 5 things you have to consider before selecting a law college:

  1. Infrastructure

A college’s infrastructure is extremely important in determining how your educational experience will pan out. If you check out the top 10 law colleges in Maharashtra, you will understand that they all have a thriving infrastructure with multiple facilities for students to thrive. A leading law college in the country will have well-structured classrooms, seminar halls, amphitheatre, sports facilities, playgrounds, and many such amenities for the overall development of students.

  1. Faculty

The need for well-qualified faculty in a law college cannot be overlooked. Students must always check the credentials of faculty members in a law college before applying for admissions. Your teachers will play a vital role in shaping your knowledge, skills and acumen as a lawyer. If you are looking to study in the best law college in Nashik then you will find that most of the teachers there hold Masters and Doctorates in Law. These professors have a better understanding of the law and pass on their knowledge to their students as well.

  1. Curriculum

While the legal system cannot change overnight, the curriculum of a law degree must definitely be upgraded to accommodate the latest legal standards practiced in India. A leading private law college has the autonomy to constantly upgrade their curriculum without requiring any approvals from external bodies. This helps students from private law colleges to study the latest goings on in the Indian legal system. Make sure that the law college you select regularly upgrades its curriculum.

  1. Extracurricular Training

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has made it mandatory for law colleges in India to implement moot courts as a part of their extracurricular training. Moot courts help students engage in legal battles, much like those they would have to face in a real courtroom. So you must definitely look for colleges that have a dedicated moot court to train legal students. Your legal career after a 3 year LLB course will require you to have excellent problem solving and communication skills. These skills can be enhanced through moot court sessions.

  1. Placements

It goes without saying that placements are a very important factor that all students must consider before seeking admissions in any law college. The right placement opportunity can help you lay the right foundation for a bright legal career in India. Many LLB colleges in Maharashtra provide 100% placement assistance to students through annual campus placement drives. This helps students gain job offers from leading government legal organisations and private legal firms across India. Make sure to check the placement record of the law colleges you shortlist.


After short listing the colleges you must make sure that you fit their eligibility criteria for the program you wish to pursue. Some law colleges require candidates to appear for entrance exams as well so make sure that you prepare for the same. There are many leading private universities that offer a comprehensive legal education so you can consider those as well. They often have better infrastructure, a more robust curriculum, and excellent faculty to help you become the best legal mind in the country. Make sure to consider all options before making the final decision. Good luck!

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