Top 7 Things To Know Before Choosing The Best Fashion Design College in 2021

Best Fashion Design College NASHIK

Fashion designing is a highly creative field which is also fast-paced, competitive, and demands hard work and dedication, much like any other career. Fashion designers have tight deadlines, immense work pressure, and are expected to be at the top of their creative game if they want to make it in the fashion industry. It may seem like being creative is the main prerequisite for pursuing a career in fashion, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to make it in the fashion industry, you need the right training and skills to have a successful career in fashion.

 7 things know Before Choosing Best Fashion Design College in 2021:

  1. Accreditations & Recognitions

When choosing the right college you must check its accreditations and recognitions. A fashion degree from a college that is affiliated to a University which is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) will be much more valuable on a global scale. If you want to make a career in fashion that will establish you as a world-famous fashion designer then a B.Sc in Fashion Designing from a recognised college will be very useful to you.

  1. Curriculum

A well-recognised and reputed fashion design college will have an upgraded curriculum to help students learn the latest trends and techniques employed in the fashion industry. Most fashion design courses in Nashik offer students with a balanced curriculum consisting of upgraded academic knowledge and practical skills that are expected of professionals in the fashion industry.

  1. Training Techniques

Besides an updated curriculum, a leading fashion design college will also emphasise on the practical training of students. Top fashion design colleges in India have well-equipped training labs where students pursuing fashion design can learn the required skills required by the fashion industry, and also hone their innate creativity in the process. So make sure that the college you pick has a well-equipped fashion design lab.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Besides academic excellence, participating in extracurricular activities should make up a big part of your educational experience. You will have to interact with a wide range of people as a professional fashion designer, and so it is important to hone your soft skills when in college. Best fashion design colleges in Nashik organise various extracurricular activities to help their students develop their personality and soft skills besides gaining a cutting-edge education.

  1. Student Support

Student support generally consists of support from faculty, staff members, and placement officers. Best fashion design colleges will have a wholesome and hands-on student support system that helps students conduct their day-to-day activities at their level best. So watch out for reviews by a college’s alumni to gain a fair knowledge about the kind of student support a college provides to their students.

  1. Internships & Industry Exposure

No matter how creative you are, industry exposure will play a huge role in defining your career as a fashion designer. This is why the best fashion designing colleges in Nashik organise industry visits and compulsory internships to ensure that students gain relevant exposure and job-oriented skills which will help them launch a successful career in the fashion industry.

  1. Placement Record

Most colleges have a placement cell to help students land the perfect job after they complete their education. Make sure to check the placement records of the colleges you are interested in to make sure that the college will help you get your first offer letter as a fresher in the industry. Also check out the college’s empanelled recruitment partners to gain a better idea about the kind of companies you could have a chance to work with as a fresher.


The world of fashion is ever changing. It is very important to realise that while being a fashion designer is a glamorous career option, you need to be prepared for the challenges that the profession brings forward. Admission for fashion designing for the 2021 batch have already begun so if you think you have the dedication to become a fashion designer then this is the right chance for you to apply to some of the best fashion design colleges in Nashik

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