Top Fashion Designing & Beauty Courses in India

Fashion Designing & Beautician Courses

The world of fashion and beauty is nothing new. There are many great fashion designing and beauty courses you can pursue to make a career in these fields. Many leading fashion designing colleges in Maharashtra offer these programs to interested candidates. The fashion industry is vast and innovative with diverse career opportunities. The beauty industry is more nuanced with a lot of focus on wellness and care. So if you are a highly creative person, you can opt for a career in any of these fields.

Today there are a lot of courses available in these fields. You can look for an undergraduate followed by postgraduate programs in fashion and beauty. Both these industries are considered to be futuristic. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and thriving. The beauty industry is famously known as a recession-proof industry. More and more customers are looking for ethical fashion and beauty brands. They feel a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Hence, if you pursue professional programs in these fields you can make a good career for yourself in the industry.

Top fashion designing and beauty courses in India:

1. Bachelor in Tech Fashion Technology (B.F. Tech)

This is a 4-year UG program that focuses on practical aspects of the apparel-manufacturing industry. You will learn about clothing manufacturing processes, quality management, and the utilisation of AI and other technology in the manufacturing industry. The syllabus of this program is comprehensive. It includes topics like fundamentals of sewing, fashion science, garment assembly and much more. You can work as a Merchandising executive, apparel production manager or merchandiser after this program. You can also supply chain manager or technical designer with this qualification.

2. B.Des. Fashion & Lifestyle Design

Everyone today is interested in improving their fashion and lifestyle. People hire stylists to dress well. They also hire lifestyle designers to make their homes and workspaces look trendy. Fashion and lifestyle designers are in huge demand today. These professionals are hired to help celebrities make the right fashion choices. They also help professionals choose the right lifestyle based on their career choices. As this is an undergraduate program, you can opt for higher education to attract better career opportunities in the field.

3. B.Sc Fashion Design

A B.Sc Fashion Design degree from one of the top fashion designing colleges in Nashik can help you build a strong career. Fashion designers are in high demand in the fashion industry. You can also become an independent designer and launch your fashion label. The fashion industry is very competitive. You need to make sure that you are up for the job if you are serious about a career in fashion. Fashion designers do tend to make a lot of money, depending on how successful they are. Successful designers are also hired by movie directors to design costumes and jewellery for their movies.

4. B.Sc Beauty & Cosmetology

B.Sc Beauty and Cosmetology is an undergraduate program spread across three years. This is a comprehensive program with focus on lab work and academics. You will learn about product development, cosmetic chemistry, quality assurance, and environmental studies. You will also learn about advanced methods of product development. This is a scientific field so candidates need to complete 10+2 in the science stream. You must look for colleges that have a well-structured lab. This will help you develop hands-on skills in the field.

5. M.Sc Cosmetic Science

You can opt for M.Sc Cosmetic Science program after gaining B.Sc Beauty Cosmetology degree. This program can help you gain a good position at leading cosmetic brands. You can enrol for this program if you are sure about a career in the field of cosmetic science. The program is a balance of academic knowledge and practical skills. Lab work is an important aspect of this program. You can also pursue PhD in cosmetic science after gaining this degree. Professionals holding this qualification work as product development executives and quality assurance executives.


Beauty and fashion designing are both great career options. There are many fashion and beauty courses in Nashik that you can choose from. You can check these programs if you are serious about a career in these fields. These colleges offer an industry-synced curriculum. They also hire the best faculty to train students. Furthermore, they offer 100% placement assistance to help students launch their career. So conduct relevant research before finalising your career path and enrolling into a college. Good luck!

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