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7 trends in pharmacy

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the global pharmaceutical industry has seen some phenomenal changes over the last year. Newer and faster technologies have been implemented in discovering viable drugs and vaccines to protect us against the deadly virus. Never before has there been a vaccine developed within a year of a disease being known to humankind. There is a huge demand in the market for professionals holding a Diploma in Pharmacy and a Bachelors in Pharmacy to lead next generation research and development in pharmacy.

What Does The Pharmaceutical Industry Have In Store For Us In 2021?

Pharma Supply Chain Automation

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed a serious light on the need for quicker and more efficient supply of medication, oxygen supply, and vaccines. Hence, the most obvious solution to this issue is automation. The implementation of automation in the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain will help cost-efficient, glitch-free, flexible, and streamlined supply of life-saving medication and medical supplies.

AI Boosting Advanced Drug Discovery 

Research and development is the crux of the pharmaceutical industry and there is an urgent need for highly advanced and innovative drugs in the market today. Implementing artificial intelligence in pharmacy will boost research and development, save valuable time and resources, and provide cost-friendly medications to patients in need. Since AI algorithms are designed to process information more efficiently, maintain detailed and accurate records, and maintain transparency, the use of AI is imperative within pharmacy.

Digitalisation of Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry was already embracing digitalisation way before the pandemic struck last year, and now they have amped up their dependence on digitalisation. Top pharmaceutical companies are equipping their employees with digital tools which help them continue working from remote locations. Digital tools also help companies access classified data on demand without compromising breach of confidentiality. Digitalisation also helps governments keep track of vaccination drives, public healthcare data, and manage national healthcare facilities effectively.

Striking Shift in Conduction of Clinical Trials

There is a huge need for streamlined clinical trial processes since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and quarantine measures made it imperative that bureaucratic bottlenecks that held back clinical trials be dealt with as soon as possible so that life-saving medication could reach the public. More and more companies are improving their clinical trial processes, and there are projections of better technologies being implemented to fast track clinical trials of new and better drugs. 

Focus on “Beyond the Pill” Healthcare 

This last year has seen a huge shift in the healthcare industry, as more and more people sought out remedies that went beyond popping the traditional pill. Wearables, trackers, health apps have all contributed to this “beyond the pill” approach and helped in monitoring and improving the overall health of patients on a daily basis. There has been a greater focus on healthcare beyond the physical dynamics of a patient, with added emphasis on mental health and psychological wellbeing. 

Shifting Towards Patient-Centric Healthcare

One of the biggest changes that pandemic brought about in the pharmaceutical industry was the need for patient-centric healthcare. Now, medical professionals understand that there is no single treatment that can be meted out to persons suffering from the same disease. For example, the treatment for patients showing milder symptoms of COVID-19 was very different from that of patients showing more severe symptoms.

Revamping of Manufacturing Processes

As the demand for advanced and cost-effective drugs rises in the market, there is added pressure on pharmaceutical companies to shift their manufacturing practices. More and more companies are implementing the use of 3D printers and bio printers for organ engineering, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. These applications have a huge impact on revolutionising the manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry.


The pharmaceutical industry is no doubt on the path towards a global revolution. The demand for qualified professionals is on the rise and so it is the right time to choose a career in pharmacy. There are some best pharmacy colleges in Nashik with high-tech and well equipped labs to train the next generation of professionals to drive innovation in pharmacy.

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