Top BBA College in Maharashtra After 12th

BBA College in Maharashtra

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree candidates can pursue after completing class 12. This is a business management program that focuses on business management and entrepreneurship. There are many top BBA colleges in Maharashtra that offer a wide variety of specialisations for this degree program. You can select the specialisation that you wish to make your career in for a bright future ahead.

If you are looking for one of the leading BBA colleges in the state, Sandip University is one of the names that tops this list. Sandip University is located in Nashik, Maharashtra and has a dedicated School of Commerce and Management Studies. You can pursue a BBA program from Sandip University to launch a career in the field of your choice. Let us take a look at what sets Sandip University apart from other management colleges in Maharashtra.

Advantages of Studying BBA at Sandip University:

1. Industry-Synced Curriculum and Training

The course curriculum of a BBA program can make or break your career. Hence, Sandip University ensures that the course curriculum is upgraded regularly to keep up with the ever-evolving standards of various industries. The course curriculum of BBA programs at Sandip University are designed to balance practical industry-relevant knowledge and skills.

The University has partnered with leading industry experts and companies to understand the current and future trends in business management by regularly upgrading the course curriculum. Besides this, students are trained by experienced faculty members holding qualifications from IIMs around the nation.

2. Value Addition & Global Certification Programs

Value addition and global certification programs have become extremely important for students pursuing a management degree. These programs help students spruce up their profile and attract the best career opportunities in the field of their choice.

Sandip University offers a wide range of industry-relevant value addition programs with global certifications. These programs are designed to help students upgrade their skills and understanding about business management. Students can opt for certification programs like Forensic Audit, Securities Law, Commercial Contract Management, Corporate Restructuring, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), and Intellectual Property Rights at Sandip University.

3. Futuristic Specialisations

To find the best career options after BBA you need to pick the right specialisation. Sandip University offers two different types of BBA programs with a wide range of specialisations. Here are the BBA programs you can opt for at Sandip University:

a) BBA (Honours)

    • Financial Services
    • Entrepreneurship

b) General BBA

    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Business
    • Business Analytics

4. International Exposure

You need to have exposure to international businesses to build a global career. To this end, Sandip University has partnered with leading global educational institutions and businesses to provide students with well-rounded international exposure.

These partnerships provide a wide range of opportunities such as student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs, joint research opportunities, internship opportunities, and placement opportunities.

5. Industry Exposure

Global businesses are constantly looking for well-trained and highly skilled professionals to drive their business forward. Sandip University has crafted a unique “Campus to Corporate” program where students gain exposure to the industry through field trips, seminars, webinars, guest lectures, internships and much more.

The goal is to help students become well-versed with the inner-workings of the industry. This will in-turn help them become valued professionals in the job market, leading to thriving career opportunities in the field of their choice.

6. 100% Placement Assistance

Sandip University is one of the best BBA colleges in Nashik that holds annual campus placement drives to provide students with 100% placement assistance. Over 150 empanelled placement partners and recruiters participate in these placement drives to provide the best career opportunities to students holding a BBA qualification.

The University’s placement cell trains students before the placement drive to prepare them for professional corporate interviews. Activities like mock interviews and resume-drafting workshops are held to help students gain confidence before facing recruitment teams from different organisations.

7. World Class Infrastructure

A college’s infrastructure goes a long way in training students for a futuristic career. This is because a college’s infrastructure will play a role in the kind of educational environment the student will study in. Hence, it is very important for students to study in a holistic and wholesome environment for a bright future.

Sandip University, Nashik is set in a lush green campus spanning across 250+ acres of architectural genius. Here, students have access to various futuristic amenities like modern classrooms, comfortable and safe hostels, amphitheatre, well-stocked libraries, seminar halls, and much more. The University’s goal is to provide students with the best environment possible for a globally-recognised education.

8. Student Development Beyond the Classroom

Students pursuing business management need to develop several soft skills to make it in the industry of their choice. Businesses today expect professionals to have excellent communication skills, team-building skills, analytical thinking skills, time management skills, and leadership skills.

Sandip University is dedicated towards providing students with the best skill development opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Activities like inter-college competitions, sports activities, workshops, and seminars are encouraged to help students develop their skills. Besides this, dedicated student clubs are established to ensure that students hone their hobbies as well.


These are some of the top advantages of studying in a leading BBA college like Sandip University. We also offer several MBA programs that you can opt for after gaining a BBA degree. Our campus is always open to students who wish to take a tour, interact with our faculty members, and make the right decision about their career. So, you can take up this opportunity to study at one of the top BBA colleges in Maharashtra. Good luck!

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