Top Career Roles for a Data Science Engineer

Top Career Roles for a Data Science Engineer

Data science is a booming field with diverse career opportunities across various industries. A career in data science can be the right decision for you, if you are interested in the field. Data science is primarily about providing organisations with data-driven analysis so that organisations can make business decisions based on the same.

Data science is an amalgamation of different cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and business intelligence. There is a lot of scope for professionals holding a B.Tech in Data Science Engineering from a reputed college in Maharashtra.

Here are the 5 top jobs open to data science engineers:

  1. Data Scientist

Data scientists are professionals who collect large sections of data from various sources and use mathematics and programming to analyse the data. This analysis helps businesses make critical decisions about their products, marketing, and other aspects of the organisation. Data scientists usually have to work closely with the IT department, and in some organisations they may be considered to be a part of the IT department itself. These professionals are becoming extremely essential to businesses across industries.

  1. Data Architect

Data architects share a similar role in an organisation to data engineers. They are tasked with formatting and presenting data in a manner that makes it easier for data analysts and scientists to analyse the data. Data architects also design brand new database systems to suit the requirements of a particular business. These professionals have complete access to data within an organisation and have an authority over who can view, analyse, and manipulate the data based on business requirements. Many data science colleges in Maharashtra train students in high-tech computer labs to become qualified data architects across different industries.

  1. Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence developers or BI developers utilise data to create strategies based on data-derived information to aid businesses in efficient decision making. Some of the best data science certification courses in Nashik provide professionals with the skill to effectively use BI tools and also design newer and better tools to streamline processes within a business. These professionals need to have a clear understanding of business strategy and also be able to grasp the business model of the organisation in which they are employed to effectively do their job.

  1. Database Administrator

Database administrators are hired by businesses to monitor their databases. These professionals are tasked with ensuring that the business has the appropriate database in place, based on business requirements. They are also responsible for ensuring that the database is functioning adequately, creating necessary backup for stored data, and setting data recovery procedures in place. Database administrators have to grant employee access to different sections of the database, based on the employee’s designation, role, and responsibilities within the organisation.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a diverse field with a lot of scope and potential for growth in the future. Machine learning engineers are expected to have excellent programming skills, a thorough understanding of statistics, and skills for software engineering. These professionals have to design, build, and maintain machine learning systems, monitor their performance, and ensure that they are functioning as per the requirements of the organisation. Some of the top data science colleges in Maharashtra also offer cutting-edge machine learning programs to candidates who wish to specifically make a career in machine learning.


Data science and engineering is a constantly evolving field with tremendous potential. Every business ranging from IT companies, to logistics, education sector, and healthcare utilise data science to take their business further and streamline processes within the organisation.

There are many computer science engineering colleges in Nashik that offer cutting-edge degrees in this field, along with 100% placement assistance. So do your research and make sure you have the aptitude for data science and engineering before pursuing this program. Good luck!

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