Top Industries that Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Top Industries that Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an integral part of many businesses across different industries. There are a number of industries that benefit from cloud computing applications. This technology has completely transformed these industries digitally, and continues to add newer applications regularly to help businesses grow.

We live in a hyper-connected world and cloud technology helps us access relevant data on our fingertips in a matter of seconds. A career in cloud computing can help you gain job opportunities in the industry of your choice. Cloud technology helps businesses store large amounts of data without any restrictions regarding speed of connection, storage space, scalability, and flexibility regarding the business needs.

Here are some of the top industries that can benefit from cloud computing:

1. Manufacturing

When it comes to production and manufacturing, companies need to maintain a proper supply chain, which requires a large database. Cloud computing helps such businesses obtain data storage facilities at a fraction of the cost they would have to incur if they managed the database in-house. Furthermore, these businesses can maintain this data in secure servers without having to spend on hiring a cyber security team within the organisation.

2. Logistics

Logistics and supply chain management is vital for any business that wants to deliver its products to the end user. Companies that sell physical goods need to maintain a well-structured supply chain to maintain transparency at each stage of product transportation. This helps them know exactly where the product is in the supply chain, and avoid loss of products during transportation. Supply chain management is data-heavy and cloud technology provides businesses access to real-time data to keep track of a shipment.

3. Healthcare

Data is a huge asset in healthcare. Big data analytics, when clubbed with artificial intelligence and cloud computing, can help healthcare facilities maintain the latest patient records that can be accessed whenever and wherever possible. The data can be updated regularly and instantly, leading to patients receiving speedy and accurate treatment based on the latest data. This technology can also help patients share their experience in real-time to alert healthcare professionals regarding any changes to be made in the treatment in a timely manner.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is another leading industry which benefits from cloud computing. Entertainment is synonymous with data, as they need to store massive amounts of data that can be available to customers in real-time. Take for example, over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix or Jio Cinema. These streaming services need reliable and cost-effective serversto store multiple movies and shows that multiple customers can access instantly on their devices. Cloud computing goes a long way in making this possible.

5. Banking and Finance

Banking and financial institutions are heavily dependent on cloud computing to store and manage data. These institutions deal in sensitive customer data such as name, date of birth, PAN, Aadhar and much more. Storing this data securely without being encumbered with network lag and expensive technology is a priority for this industry. Cloud technology can help banks and financial institutions store this data while also securing it against cyberattacks. You can opt for various undergraduate and postgraduate cloud computing courses to become a skilled professional in this field to join the entertainment industry.

6. Education

Cloud computing is a huge boon for educational institutions like schools and colleges. These institutions generally deal with funding constraints. Cloud technology offers budget-friendly options to these institutions to help them deliver the best education possible. Teachers can upload necessary academic notes, assignments, and videos onto a cloud platform and students can access the same from this platform in a secure manner. This can bridge the communication gap between teachers and students, leading to a transformation in the education industry.

7. Legal

Legal professionals can benefit a lot from cloud computing programs. Public and private sector law firms need to maintain massive records and data which they may need to access in the spur of the moment. These companies depend on natural language processing (NLP) applications that help lawyers access data quickly and precisely. There are many cloud computing courses in Nashik that can provide you with the right academic knowledge and practical skills needed to become a cloud computing expert in the field of your choice.

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