Top Jobs for Electrical Power Systems Engineers

Jobs for Power Systems Electrical Engineers

Electricity makes our world go round. Right from the minute we start our day, we need electricity to make things like light bulbs, toasters, mobile chargers and much more to function efficiently. Electrical power systems engineers are the professionals who ensure that our homes and workplaces have access to electricity. Hence, we are highly dependent on these professionals to live a comfortable life.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is electrical power systems engineering, why electrical power systems engineering could be a good career option and the leading career opportunities in the field.

What is Electrical Power Systems Engineering?

Electrical power systems engineering is the field of electrical engineering dedicated to designing, developing, analysing, and maintaining high-end power generation systems. The most popular program in this field is M.Tech in Electrical Power Systems Engineering. You can start by pursuing a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and then work your way up to the M.Tech program.

These qualifications can help you learn about microprocessors and microcontrollers, and also ensure the smooth functioning of power systems. Leading electrical engineering colleges have dedicated labs where students are trained to become professional electrical power systems engineers.

Future Scope of a Career in Electrical Power Systems Engineering

Without a doubt, electrical power systems engineering is a bright and progressive field with massive scope in the future. There are many benefits of pursuing a career in this field. Despite the global economy facing a probable recession, the electrical engineering sector is booming.

Since more and more countries are transitioning from traditional sources of energy, there is a huge demand for clean energy that can power electrical vehicles and more. Our dependence on electricity is not going to diminish any time soon, so a career in this field will help you attract global opportunities.

As the Government of India is modernising rural locations and designing smart cities, there is a boom in the demand for qualified and well-trained electrical power systems engineers today. This is the perfect time to pursue a career in this branch of engineering for a bright future.

Top Career Opportunities for Electrical Power Systems Engineers

1. Transmission Engineer

A transmission engineer is someone who designs and tests wind turbines, electrical components, and plans wind farms. They have to work in close tandem with project developers and project managers to provide their expertise regarding electrical power systems. Their responsibilities include analysing existing power transmission systems, designing newer and better power transmission systems, complying with government-issued rules and regulations, and also ensuring that power transmission systems are at optimal capacity.

2. Systems Design Engineer

A systems design engineer plays the role of designing power systems that can be implemented in real-time. They have to design collection systems, power grids, cables, and routes as per compliance. They also have to interact with subcontractors to oversee the design of power systems models. These professionals analyse the market, communicate with clients and then design power systems based on the final requirements. They also have to conduct necessary research to analyse current designs and propose innovative improvements to the designs.

3. Power Engineer

Power engineers are professionals who implement different processes and tools to create, stock and distribute electricity. They have to maintain, operate and repair different types of electricity generating equipment like power grids, turbines, pumps etc. These professionals work in diverse sectors of energy including nuclear power, solar power, coal power, green power, wind power, hydraulic power, and geothermal power. There are excellent career opportunities in this field with the right qualifications and training.

4. Electrical Designer

Electrical designers are tasked with using their knowledge and skills to design circuit layouts to ensure the accurate distribution and flow of electricity. They deal with high voltage so they have to make sure that the designs they suggest can withhold high voltage of electric current without malfunctioning. Safety and security are the hallmarks of a well-trained electrical designer. These professionals have to evaluate the designated area and ensure that they design a circuitry system that is appropriate for the area.

5. Electronics Design Engineer

Electronics design engineers are tasked with designing, creating, manufacturing and maintaining pioneering electronic devices. They also evaluate existing electrical equipment used in power systems and try to upgrade the features and quality of such equipment. Electronics design engineers also work with GPS systems, satellites, communication systems and entertainment devices.

6. Equipment Engineer

Equipment engineers work on ensuring the smooth functioning of various power systems equipment and machinery. They assess the type of equipment that is needed by a particular power system and work on designing the same. These professionals also work on integrating new technology into current power systems to ensure better performance and safety. They collect necessary data regarding the performance of power systems and troubleshoot malfunctions in an efficient and secure manner.

7. Sustainability Engineer

Sustainability engineers are professionals responsible for designing and creating electrical systems that are environment-friendly. They are also tasked with integrated renewal and green energy to ensure least impact on the environment. They have to prevent the wastage of energy and also evaluate the impact of a particular project on the environment. Sustainability engineers are hired by companies before undertaking projects to work out the most environment-friendly path to completing a project.


These are some of the career opportunities that are open to you after completing a degree program in electrical power systems engineering from one of the top engineering colleges in Maharashtra. Do some research and look for colleges that have dedicated training labs for students pursuing electrical engineering. Such colleges also offer 100% placement assistance to help students gain the right start to their career. So make sure that you pursue electrical power systems engineering from the right college. Good luck!

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