Top Reasons to Choose a Law Career

Career in Law

There are many reasons to choose a career in law that can help you become an agent of truth and justice. When you choose a law career, you are embarking upon a professional life that can help you become a force for positive change in society. Lawyers are professionals who uphold the Indian judiciary and fight what is right. Being a qualified lawyer can be quite empowering, and can help you serve your community and you are the citizens of your nation.

Let us look at law careers in India and the top reasons to choose a career in this field.

Is Law a Good Career in India?

Every other person in India has, at least once in their lifetime, consulted with a lawyer. It could be for something as basic as drawing up pre-legal documents like a will or a rental agreement, or for something serious like fraud or involvement in a crime.

The bottom line is that lawyers are uniquely trained and qualified to deal with a plethora of legal issues and help people find an acceptable resolution to their legal problems. Here are some of the top branches of law that you can specialise in for a bright future:

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Administrative Law
  4. Corporate Law
  5. Intellectual Property Rights
  6. Family Law

Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Law

1. Drive Positive Change

Lawyers can often become a force to drive ahead positive change in society. They can help people understand their rights, combat false charges, and live a life of dignity. If you are interested in social causes and helping people seek justice, then you can always be the voice of the masses through Public Interest Litigations (PIL). You can also fight against archaic laws and help the judiciary scrap such laws for the progression of society.

2. Wide Range of Career Opportunities

Lawyers have several career opportunities open to them once they complete their education. You have a lot of opportunities to pick a career after a law degree. Once you pick your specialisation, you can work in public and private sector organisations, as per your career goals. You can start your career at a district court and gradually work up towards higher courts with relevant work experience and skills. You will have to develop many soft skills that can help you become a competent and exceptional lawyer in India.

3. Financial Stability

Being a lawyer can be highly lucrative. Branches of law like criminal law and commercial law can attract a large salary with many professional perks. You can work with leading law firms to become a top lawyer in your field or start your own law firm to create your own legacy. You can build your portfolio by first gaining relevant work experience, contacts, and recognition by working for top law firms. Later, you can use your experience, contacts in the industry, and your recognition to charge greater fees from your clients.

4. A Progressive Career

Becoming a lawyer is not the end of the road for you. You can advance your career further by appearing for various Judicial Service Examinations that can transform you from a lawyer to a law-maker. Clearing these exams will make you eligible for becoming a judge and presiding over cases. You can even work your way up to the High Courts of India with the right experience and expertise.

5. Earn Respect & Prestige

Lawyers are highly respected professionals in Indian society. Lawyers are the ones who fight for justice and make things easier for the common citizen of our nation. Being a lawyer can give you immense confidence as you will develop communication and people skills as a part of your training. A law degree is very prestigious and you will immediately garner a lot of respect once you become a lawyer.

Study Law at Sandip University

Sandip University, Nashik is one of the best law colleges in India. Sandip School of Law is approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI), making the degree you earn here very prestigious and widely recognised.

Sandip University offers a number of undergraduate law programs including BA LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB, and LLB (Hons.), and postgraduate programs such as LLM in Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Corporate and Commercial Law.

The course curriculum of these programs is integrated with skill building activities and cutting-edge research. Sandip University has developed a Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies where students can conduct ground-breaking research on the Criminal Justice System, Intellectual Property Rights, Women’s Justice System, and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Students are trained through guest lectures conducted by reputable judges of the Indian judiciary, and clinical legal aid clinics. Many internal and inter-college moot court competitions are also held to help students gain first-hand knowledge and experience regarding presenting cases in a court of law.

Sandip University offers 100% placement assistance to students through annual placement drives. Students gain the right career opportunities right from the very beginning of their career. So, if you are interested in pursuing a marvellous career in law, Sandip University can help you achieve your goals!

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