Top Reasons to Study BA LLB at Sandip University

Top Ten Reasons to Study BA LLB at Sandip University

A BA LLB integrated programme is a good degree in order to pursue your career in law. Sandip University offers this programme in a unique and industry-tailored manner. A BA in this programme is a foundation course to pursue the law degree further. There are several reasons because of which one should pursue this programme from the BA LLB colleges in Nashik. For those who want to be lawyers, the sky is the limit for pursuing their ambitions. Some of the reasons why students should pursue this course are as follows:

1. Industry-Oriented Curriculum

By the time students finish their programme, emphasis is placed on making them perfectly industry-fit through the industry-oriented education strategy. The industry-oriented educational method at universities has two dimensions: First, whenever Sandip updates the curriculum of any given programme, he requests input from industry professionals. This includes adding new courses or revising the curriculum for an existing one. Second, instruction places students’ understanding of product design, development, and operation in the context of practical applications. The best law colleges in Nashik tailor the curriculum according to the needs of the students.

2. Esteemed Faculty

The professors are outstanding and highly distinguished. They are committed to the noble goal of educating young, impressionable minds with the most current information. Most of our faculty members have graduated from the top universities globally. Each of them is a prominent figure in their respective fields of study. They are renowned in their field of interest and have many publications in it. Many of them have prior work experience in the industry. Through active sponsored research and consultancy projects, the faculty members advise numerous prominent industries in addition to teaching. Additionally, this helps them stay current in their teaching techniques, which always benefits the pupils. Only renowned faculty are hired by the top BA/LLB colleges in Nashik.

3. Top-tier placements are top-tier placements.

High-quality placements can have a variety of advantages and beneficial effects for students. Strong evidence exists to support the idea that internships and work experience are very beneficial to students in terms of both their academic achievement and employability skills. Students have the chance to acquire both the employability skills necessary for a real-world job and specialised skills related to their chosen field or sector through placements. Additionally, it broadens their understanding of a field or sector, enabling them to choose their next professional path with greater information. Giving students placement possibilities improves an institution’s reputation, which benefits the institution by producing happier students. As potential students become more aware of the value of their education, this could considerably increase the institution’s appeal to them.

4. Internship Opportunities

At our university, internship opportunities are provided to the students in order to provide them with industry experience. Students have the opportunity to work in national as well as international law firms, which also helps them to learn and get a hold of all international standards. The internship opportunities further help the students in securing a good job for themselves.

5. Developing Qualities of a Lawyer

In addition to all the external infrastructure, it is also important to develop the personality of a lawyer. Our university helps the students to mould their personalities according to what is required for their profession. It inculcates all the characteristics of a lawyer in the students.

6. Infrastructural Facilities

Our college has best of infrastructural facilities for the students. These infrastructural facilities consists of a well stacked library, clean classrooms, hostel facilities and canteen facilities for the students. Auditorium and conference rooms are well equipped with the latest technologies. It is important to join a course in a college which has great infrastructural facilities.

7. Beautiful Campus

One of the greatest attractions of our University is also the beautiful campus in which it is located in. We have a beautiful campus in Nashik and Sijoul. This is one of the biggest attractions and it also helps the students to be in the nature and enjoy its calmness

8. International Collaborations

Sandip University has MOU’s signed with several universities in countries such as the USA, UK, Germany to name a few. Constant talks with the global audience is always happening and global tie-ups are always been aimed for in order to give international exposure to our students.

9. UGC Accredited

All the courses in our university are recognized and approved by UGC. This helps the course to become recognized and students can get better job placements after completing this course. The recognition therefore helps in employability and makes the job of the students easier after graduation.

10. Scholarships Available

We at our University encourage all the meritorious students to complete their education irrespective of their financial background. This is the reason why we provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to the students.


The above points help the students in moulding their overall personality and developing them holistically. Therefore, choosing the college from where you get your law degree is important. The best law colleges in Maharashtra offer unique attributes and teach the law degree in a unique manner.

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