What are the Best Career Options for a BA LLB Graduate in India?

Best Career Options for a BA LLB Graduate in India

The legal sphere in India is immense. There are some excellent career options for BA LLB graduates in India today. As BA LLBA is an integrated law program which provides candidates with a dual education in BA and LLB, there is a lot of scope for professionals holding this qualification. BA LLB is one of the leading choices for law courses after 12th, and a lot of students opt for this program due to its distinct syllabus.

Let’s take a look at the leading career opportunities professionals holding this qualification can aspire for:

  1. Litigation Attorney

A litigation attorney is consulted by parties who want to gain legal advice regarding agreements, MoUs, contracts, and other such legally binding documents. These professionals are responsible for advising their clients regarding any legal risks and liabilities that may arise from such contracts and documents. They need to make sure that the contracts and agreements are drafted bearing in mind the best interests of their clients. Leading businesses and organisations hire litigation attorneys to be a part of their legal team. They can also start a practice of their own and offer their services to different clients.

  1. Corporate Counsellor

Corporate firms offer excellent job opportunities to professionals holding qualifications from some of the best law colleges in Nashik. Corporate companies generally have a robust in-house legal team which requires qualified and well-trained lawyers. As a corporate counsellor, you will have to advice your employer regarding any legal liabilities that they may expose themselves to when entering into any contract or agreement. Corporate counsellors are involved in different branches of a business such as marketing, management, business decisions etc.

  1. Public Prosecutor

A public prosecutor is employed by the state government, as they represent the State in a case against crimes committed by citizens of the state. Becoming a public prosecutor is another excellent career opportunity open to you after completing BA LLB from one of the top law colleges in Maharashtra. These professionals work in close proximity with law enforcement agencies like the police, CBI, crime branch, etc. to build a strong case against the accused. However, they are not a part of the investigating bureau.

  1. Law Reporter

Law reporters or legal reporters are professional journalists who report on intricate court proceedings in a manner that is understandable to the general public. They have a deep understanding of the legal framework, and use their qualifications and journalistic skills to write about legal topics, prominent judgments, and legal proceedings. They are the bridge that communicates complicated legal language and jargon in simple terms to help the general public understand legal matters easily. Some professionals interested in legal reporting hold a BA LLB degree and go on to gain some journalistic qualifications to help them excel at their career.

  1. Judiciary

Judiciary exams are extremely prestigious and popular in India after completing a law degree. Professionals who want to expand their legal career can gain some experience as an attorney and then go on to appear for judiciary exams and become a Judge. PCS (J) and HJS are popular judiciary exams that you can opt for to become a judge in the Indian judiciary. The Indian legal system is in dire need for qualified and compassionate judges who can pass judgement on cases in a fair and strategic manner.


BA LLB is an excellent undergraduate program you can pursue to launch your career in law in India. There are many LLB colleges in Nashik that offer this program to interested students. The course curriculum is designed in tandem with legal experts to provide students with a well-rounded legal education. Make sure that the college you choose is recognised by the Bar Council of India and offers dedicated moot court sessions to train students. Good luck!

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