What Specialisations does the MBA Program at Sandip University Offer?

MBA Program in Nashik

The MBA program at Sandip University offers diverse specialisations to candidates holding a graduate degree in a relevant field. As one of the top MBA colleges in Nashik, Sandip University’s School of Commerce & Management Sciences offers industry-synced programs and training modules. Here, students receive relevant academic knowledge and hands-on skill development to become dynamic management professionals in the field of their choice.

Best specialisations of MBA programs in Maharashtra offered by Sandip University:

  1. Marketing Management

MBA Marketing Management is one of the most popular programs even today. This program focuses on topics such as market research, business promotions, brand awareness, customer psychology, and advertisement. After completing this program, students can gain excellent career opportunities in the marketing department of leading companies across different industries like IT, banking, logistics, advertisement firms, and media houses.

  1. Financial Management

Financial management is one of the best MBA executive programs in Nashik. Sandip University’s course curriculum for this program focuses on financial planning, financial management, cost of capital, valuation of bonds and shares, macroeconomics, and working capital management, among other topics. After completing this program, students are able to work as Business Analysts, Finance Managers, Equity Research Analysts, and Finance Officers in leading companies around the world.

  1. Human Resource Management

HRM is one of the oldest and most prominent MBA specialisations. The post-pandemic world has turned HRM on its head, creating a whole new avenue of employee stipulations. Human resource managers have had to be more accommodating, employee-friendly, and more flexible to find and retain top talent. Professionals with this degree work in the human resource department of business across different industries.

  1. International Business

This is a unique MBA specialisation as it focuses on running businesses keeping with international laws and regulations. Through this program students are trained to oversee international operations of multinational companies. Each country has its own rules and professionals with this qualification help leading companies from various industries successfully conduct their business overseas without any glitch. Persons who love a challenge must consider opting for this program.

  1. Healthcare & Hospital Management

The healthcare industry is one of humankind’s most vital resources. The pandemic has highlighted the need for proper management of hospital and healthcare resources to save lives. More and more hospitals are not hiring healthcare and hospital management staff to ensure that resources are not wasted and patient care is not compromised. This is a recent MBA specialised course in Nashik that you can opt for if you wish to make a career in the healthcare industry.

Sandip University’s New-Age MBA Programs:

  1. Banking & Financial Services

Sandip University has launched a new-age MBA program with specialisation in Banking and Financial Services. These programs focus on providing students with the training to make it in the banking and financial sector. Students receive 100% placement guarantee, and a guaranteed paid internship spanning six months. The banking and financial sector has always been extremely lucrative with multiple career opportunities, so this is always a safe bet to make with guaranteed placement opportunities at Sandip University.

  1. Business Analytics

New-age MBA in Business Analytics is one of the best MBA courses in Nashik offered by Sandip University. This program focuses on collecting, structuring, and analysing data to understand current and futuristic market trends. Business analysts are responsible for collecting vital information from analysed data to help businesses make important decisions regarding their operations. Sandip University’s new-age MBA Business Analytics program guaranteed placement and a paid internship for six months to help students hone their skills.


Sandip University is a vibrant educational institution offering cutting-edge programs in diverse fields. Our MBA programs are a notch above others as they are designed to help students find the right jobs in the industry of their choice. The case study-based pedagogy and focus on projects helps students develop necessary employable skills. Sandip University also focuses on developing soft skills through workshops, personality development programs, and other training programs. Conduct some research and learn more about Sandip University’s industry-integrated MBA programs.

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