Month: June 2019

Aerospace Engineering

5 Promising Trends In The Aerospace Industry You Must Know About

The aerospace industry is such a diverse and interesting field which encompasses designing and manufacturing of aircrafts and spacecrafts. Since countries around the globe are looking to venture into space and constantly upgrade their defence systems, there is a huge demand for qualified aerospace engineers. Top engineering colleges in India offer B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering to fulfil […]

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5 Advantages Of A Career In Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical science has been around since the advent of medicine. As the medical industry expands, so does the role of a pharmacist. Pharmacists have a huge hand in helping patients get better in time through their expertise of handing out prescribed medication. Over the last few decades the pharmaceutical industry has seen much evolution. The […]

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Cosmetic Science

3 Trends That Are Causing A Stir In The Cosmetic Industry

The beauty and cosmetic industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Over the last few decades the cosmetic industry has exploded. With newer forms of research and faster means of production, the industry is now pumping out thousands of products into the market every year. The worldwide cosmetic industry was valued at […]

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