4 Exciting Management Programs You Must Know About


A career in management is extremely coveted by many even today. A management degree can open up a number of opportunities for you globally. Over the last few years, there have been so many varied businesses that have erupted and made their mark in the industry. Technology and innovation have been the driving force behind these businesses. What they need is competent management personnel who can help them manage the business and reach uncharted success.

Let’s take a look at 4 exciting management programs that can translate into thriving career opportunities

Travel & Tourism Management

Over the last decade or so, a consumer’s spending capacity has increased to quite an extent. Add to that the compelling effect that social media has by making people want to visit different locations. These two things combined have caused a massive boom in the travel and tourism industry. Indians now want to undertake more and more international holidays, and also want to visit local treasures in India as well. A management degree in travel and tourism can go a long way in propelling your career forward and there seems to be no shortage of places to go to, and people who want to travel there. After completing this program you can join different industries such as the hotel industry, tourism industry, railways, food and hospitality industry, travel agencies, immigrations and customs services, etc.

Sports Management

If you are into sports but don’t really see yourself becoming a professional athlete, then a degree in sports management could help you maintain close contact with the sports industry. A sports management degree can open up a series of varied job profiles for you. You can represent either a single athlete or a team, depending on your qualification and years of experience. You can also work with leading sports companies in different job profiles. To accomplish a thrilling career in sports, your target should be to pick a university that offers a standard of education that compares with global universities. A sports management degree can help you work as procurement manager, management trainee, sports instructor, PR manager, and event manager to name a few.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

More and more businesses are going global, creating a need for solutions in logistics and supply chain. This in turn calls for professionals who can manage a business related to logistics and supply chain. There are many factors that make up a logistics and supply chain business and a comprehensive management program in the same will help you go a long way in understanding the various components of the business. There is a lot of scope globally for a logistics and supply chain manager and so there are lots of jobs you can pursue like vehicle fleet manager, inventory control manager, purchasing manager, production manager, import & export agent, freight co-ordinator, academic or logistics manager, cargo operations specialist, and distribution centre manager to name a few.

Healthcare & Hospital Management

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries today. With massive improvements in pharmaceutical science and healthcare structures, there is a need for qualified and well-trained managers to look after healthcare facilities and hospitals. Since big data and artificial intelligence has been inculcated into healthcare, the healthcare industry standard has changed drastically. The entire industry has been upgraded to keep up with the latest requirements in patient care. A degree in healthcare and hospital management can go a long way in ensuring a fulfilling career. After completing this program you can be employed as a healthcare finance manager, hospital manager, hospital administrator, medical and health service manager, oncology coordinator, and a pharmaceutical production manager, to name a few.

Which is the best management college in India offering management programs?

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