Benefits of Pursuing LLB After 12th

Benefits of Pursuing LLB After 12th

Pursuing a career in law can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. LLB is one of the most popular law courses after 12th that students can apply for as an undergraduate program. There are many benefits of pursuing LLB, as it is an important law degree. After completing this program, students can either chart out a career as a qualified lawyer, or pursue higher education to further strengthen their educational qualification and skills.

Here are the top advantages of pursuing LLB after class 12th:

  1. A Strong Educational Foundation

Acquiring an LLB degree can go a long way in laying a strong foundation for your educational qualifications. After completing LLB from one of the top law colleges in India, you can pursue a Masters degree in law, public administration, psychology, criminology, social work, and political science. If you wish to make a career in the corporate world, you can pursue an MBA degree as well, and use your legal expertise to drive your career ahead.

  1. Excellent Career Opportunities

An LLB degree doesn’t mean that you must only become a lawyer. You can pursue diverse fields, and have multiple opportunities, based on your qualifications and skills. You can choose to strengthen your legal education and pursue LLM with a specialisation that suits your interests and aptitude. As mentioned earlier, you can also pursue a career in psychology or criminology, which are parallel to a law degree as you will still be working within the legal system. Such qualifications can also lead to a career as a lecturer or faculty in one of the top law colleges in India.

  1. Make a Real Social Difference

LLB is one of the best law courses in Maharashtra, and it can help you make a real difference in society. The program is a combination of staunch legal knowledge and soft skills that can help you become a successful lawyer within the Indian legal system. Besides this, BA LLB courses in Nashik also offer an additional advantage to students as these programs are integrated courses that combine subjects from BA and LLB degrees to help students gain an all-rounder education.

  1. Financial Stability

Lawyers are some of the most in-demand and highly paid professionals in the country. To become a well-paid lawyer you first need to gain the necessary education qualifications, skills, and exposure in the field. Many top BA LLB colleges in Nashik offer excellent LLB and LLM programs to help students gain a well-rounded education in law. These colleges have regular moot court sessions that are made compulsory by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

  1. Develop Diverse Skills

Being a practising lawyer is no easy task. It takes years of training, learning, and skill development to become a competent lawyer that can help clients attain justice. An LLB degree program offered by leading law schools in Maharashtra is integrated with skill-building programs like workshops, guest lectures, inter-college competitions, moot court sessions, legal aid camps, project work, and seminars to help students develop holistically. So make sure that the college you choose helps students develop their legal and soft skills in an industry-integrated manner.


Pursuing a law degree can open up many opportunities for you. You can work in the corporate sector or choose to become a driving force for societal change by helping victims fight for justice. Lawyers are highly respected in our society so if you wish to pursue a career that helps you obtain social standing then an LLB program is the right option for you. Make sure that the college you choose has the right curriculum, a well-setup moot court, skill-building opportunities, and 100% placement assistance to help you launch a bright legal career. Good luck!

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