Best Engineering Courses to Study at Sandip University

Engineering Courses to Study at Sandip University

The profession of Engineering is gaining a huge scope in today’s automated age. With technological developments in today’s world, the need for engineers has increased at unprecedented rate. There are a lot of job openings for engineers in companies but there is a lack of quality engineers. Today, one can find many engineering colleges in every corner of the city but to find the quality one’s is difficult. Sandip University, which is based in Nashik, offers best engineering courses for the future. According to the Times Engineering Survey 2021, it is ranked as the 4th  top emerging institute in India.

The School of Engineering and technology at Sandip University offers engineering courses in various fields such as Aerospace, Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Aerospace and Defence to name a few. The University offers bachelors, masters and PhD programs in this field and students also have an option to choose lateral year entry undergraduate programmes in fields such as cloud computing and information technology, computer science engineering, cyber security and forensics and robotic process automation.

Each stream of engineering has lot of benefits that the University can offer. These are as follows:

1) Aerospace Engineering – The Department of Aerospace Engineering at Sandip University offers a B.Tech program in aerospace engineering, which offers a thriving academic atmosphere where independent research is encouraged. The course curriculum of the B.Tech program is designed in a way where the skills and competencies that are needed on the job are incorporated. This research and innovation-oriented department trains the students to innovate and develop various technologies such as aerodynamics, aerospace propulsion, aerospace structures, guidance, navigation and control, instrumentation, production methods and communication. The teaching methods of this course are very interactive and this complex subject is made simple by teaching it through case studies and problem-based learning, group discussions, computer simulation, written tests , group discussions, technical seminar and projects

Some of the benefits of this course are as follows:

  • World-class state-of-art classrooms and laboratories where students can study and do their research with the use of latest technologies.
  • Industry-oriented curriculum which imparts job-oriented skills to the students
  • 100% job placement guarantee with preparation to crack your interviews and employability
  • Growth in research and development with gives ample scope for the students to take up research projects and do independent research

2) Civil Engineering – Sandip University offers B.Tech and M.Tech courses in Construction industry. Today, the need for high-tech infrastructure is growing at a rapid rate. Number of construction/building projects are coming up in the urban as well as rural parts in India. With this, the need for civil engineers has also increased. Well-trained knowledgeable civil engineers are today’s requirement. Civil engineering is also called architectural engineering. Sandip University grooms well-trained civil engineering professionals. The two-year B.Tech program in civil engineering is structured in a way which offers both practical and theoretical knowledge to the students. The industry sync curriculum trains the students on the skills that are needed on the job. Sandip University has a lot of industry tie-ups, which would help the students to get job. The department offers M.Tech programs in Civil Engineering in various specialisations such as Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Town and Country Planning, Transportation Engineering and planning and Land-Building.

Some of the benefits of pursuing this course:

  • Usage of latest technologies for research and development
  • Distinguished faculties who are alumni of IIT’s and NIT’s and have an extensive academic and practical experience.
  • 100% placement guarantee with training in making the students employable.
  • Sandip University offers work-readiness programs such as ‘campus to corporate’ and ‘student development’ programs where students are trained to crack the job interviews through various interactive activities and sessions such as mock interviews, group-discussions, role-plays.

3) Electronics and Telecommunications- Sandip University is the best electronics and telecommunications university in Maharashtra. The B.Tech in Electronics Engineering program provides students with the knowledge and skills to work in consulting, testing and training solutions in the area of electrical design, energy management and condition monitoring. The curriculum for this course is designed in a way where all the skills required for the job and industry are given to the students. Students are also encouraged to work on various projects during their compulsory internship program. This helps them to get a preview of how their life would be on the job and helps them to get trained on solving different problems and challenges. The department has also set up an ‘industry institute interaction cell’ where the students can do research and development. This cell is also responsible for maintaining the balance between the course structure and industry demands.

Some of the benefits of pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering is as follows:

  • The need for electrical goods has risen in the country and therefore the requirements of electrical engineers have also increased.
  • The government is investing heavily in space programs and therefore there is a huge requirement of well-trained electrical engineers.
  • The university encompasses well-trained faculty members who are the alumni of IIT’s and NIT’s.
  • Students can choose between various public and private sector opportunities

4) Mechanical Engineering- Sandip University’s Sandip School of Engineering & Technology is one of the leading mechanical engineering colleges in Maharashtra and aims at adding quality mechanical engineers to the industry. Bearing this aim in mind, only 60 students per year make the cut to pursue mechanical engineering at Sandip University.

The B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering course at Sandip University is designed to produce top quality engineers who have a strong understanding of principles of mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics and designing. The goal is that mechanical engineers from Sandip University should be able to solve problems using mechanical or thermal devices. They should also be able to design and redesign a product using analysis and computer-aided systems. The department of Mechanical Engineering offers M.Tech program in Design Engineering and M.Tech program in Electrical Power Systems.

5) Computer Engineering- The School of Computer Engineering offers B.Tech and M.Tech programs in computer engineering. The programs cover various topics such as electronics engineering, computer architecture, parallel computing and processing design. The programmes focus on hardware-software integration where students can hone their skills in design, implementation, and management of information system at both hardware and software levels. M.Tech programs in the department are offered on various topics such as Cloud Technology and Information Security and Computer Applications.

In conclusion, Sandip University offers best engineering courses for future. The latest curriculum equipped with advanced technologies and a vibrant academic atmosphere that encourages independent research are some major highlights of studying at this university. Flourish in your engineering career by joining Sandip University soon !

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