Career Opportunities and Future Scope After MBA in HR

Career and Future Scope After MBA in HR

Human Resources or HR is a prominent MBA specialisation with a wide career scope in this field. An MBA in HR can be highly valuable if you are looking for a progressive career in the corporate world. Businesses of all kinds and sizes need an HR management team to manage their employees.

These professionals are responsible for talent acquisition, talent management, plan employee training programs, resolve conflicts, evaluate employee performance and so much more. The scope of MBA in HR is vast so let us take a look at the top jobs available in this field.

Top Careers in Human Resource Management

1. Human Resources Manager

A human resource manager is a professional who oversees the recruitment and personnel management process in an organisation. They have to manage a team of HR professionals to maintain company records, review employee performance and appraisals, mediate between employees and employers, and resolve any disputes that arise between employees. This is a high-pressure job role with a lot of responsibilities, especially if you are working for a large firm.

2. Staffing Director

Staffing director is another important role in the HR department of an organisation. These professionals are tasked with developing recruitment policies, employee training modules, analysing the demand for fresh recruitment, and framing policy for promotions that employees receive regularly. Their role is crucial to the success of an organisation in the long run as they are involved in the policy-framing activities within the organisation.

3. Technical Recruiter

A technical recruiter is someone who evaluates and analyses a candidate’s technical skills during the interview round. They have to pick the right candidate for the technical job based on the evaluation during the interview. Many IT companies and financial institutions require technical recruiters to employ the right candidates. They have to be well-versed in technical skills to be successful in their career. Having a background in IT or software can be highly beneficial if you want to become a technical recruiter.

4. Employees Relations Manager

Employees relations managers are responsible for listening to any grievances or issues that employees face in the workplace. They have to act as an intermediary in situations where there is a rift between an employee and the management. These professionals conduct meetings with the aggrieved party to reach an amicable solution to the problems faced by the employee. They are also responsible for facilitating events that help build company morale in the long run.

5. Director of HR Training and Development

Director of HR training and development is someone who develops and conducts relevant training exercises to initiate a new employee into the company. This training exercise must be designed in a manner that helps the employee become a high performing asset to the organisation. They are responsible for organising activities like seminars, webinars, workshops, and training lessons for employees.

6. International HR Professional

International HR professionals are employed by organisations that have businesses in more than one country. Their job is to recruit the best candidates from around the world. They also have to familiarise these new employees with the company’s rules and employee’s benefit programs. If you are someone who wants to travel the world and adapt to different cultures then this job could be perfect for you.

7. Human Resources Consultant

Human resource consultants are professionals that work with different companies simultaneously. They conduct necessary research and analysis regarding a company’s existing employee policies, reward programs, and other avenues. Based on the results of this research, they then recommend solutions and tools to help businesses ensure maximum employee satisfaction and performance in the long run.

8. Human Resource Entrepreneur

A human resource entrepreneur is a professional who can develop a business in this field. The business could be an HR consulting firm, an HR recruitment firm, or an HR consultancy firm. As these professionals have a background in HR, they are better equipped to understand the challenges in the field and have the knowledge and skills to overcome the same. You will need to have decent work ethics and tolerance for risk to be successful as an HR entrepreneur.

9. Human Resource Executive

Human resources executives are tasked with designing strategies, company policies, networks, and the larger goal of the organisation with terms to human resource management. They are involved in the recruitment, induction, and training aspects of new employees. Professionals who have great communication and people skills are bound to succeed as human resource executives.


These are some of the best careers that you can opt for after completing an MBA in HR. Some of the best MBA colleges in Nashik offer this program with 100% placement assistance to help students find the right start to their career. Human resource is a very crucial department in an organisation that can make or break the business. So, make sure you pick a leading management college that can help you become that vital member of a leading global corporation. Good luck!

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