5 Emerging Jobs for Aerospace Engineers

Emerging Jobs for Aerospace Engineers

Over the last few decades, there have been numerous technological advancements that have made a career in aerospace engineering very attractive. As government agencies and private companies expand into creating defence and surveillance equipment, there is a huge demand for qualified and well-trained professionals to create cutting-edge technology. A B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering can land you excellent job opportunities with lucrative salary packages.

Here are top 5 emerging jobs for aerospace engineers in the industry:

  1. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing planes, satellites, jets, and such aircrafts for commercial and military use. They also have to oversee the proposals for projects that come their way and analyse whether the project is viable from technical, budgetary, and security point of views. They are also expected to innovate on existing technologies to create faster, more fuel-efficient, and safer aircrafts. Many aerospace engineering colleges in Maharashtra provide students with the right skills and training to become a qualified aerospace engineer.

  1. Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance engineers are tasked with regularly checking aircrafts for any faults, defects, and technical issues. If such issues are detected, then they are also responsible for suggesting the right remedy to fix these issues. Different kinds of aerospace companies recruit maintenance engineers, and so they are expected to know the codes of conduct and safety regulations set down by the company. Each company may have a personalised set of safety standards, and maintenance engineers who have studied at one of the best colleges for aerospace engineering in Maharashtra are prepared for such professional challenges.

  1. Flight Engineer

Flight engineers have a very essential job as they are responsible for conducting an all systems check before a flight takes off to ensure that everything is in perfect order. They have to check all essential and electrical systems, sensors, engines, fuel, etc. before a plane takes off. They also have to share important technical information with the pilot, including emergency landings. Flight engineers who have pursued an aerospace engineering course in Nashik are hired to work on commercial and military flights.

  1. Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is someone who is responsible for finding design flaws in the blueprints of aeroplanes and aircrafts before they are manufactured. These professionals are also involved in the testing phase of prototypes to smoothen out any issues beforehand. Providing other employees with safety training in the form of presentations and guidelines is also a part of a compliance officer’s job description. Top aerospace engineering colleges in Nashik provide students with the right knowledge and skills to become competent compliance officers in the aerospace industry.

  1. Materials Engineer

Materials engineers are professionals who conduct informed analysis regarding the performance and quality of building materials used to manufacture aircrafts of all kinds. They must also innovate on existing ideas to enhance the overall safety, durability and speed of aircrafts. This is a research-heavy role where professionals are required to constantly research newer materials, tech, production processes involved in the manufacturing of aircrafts.


Working in the aerospace industry can be quite challenging. It is a specialised field of study which requires dedication, skill, talent, and a lot of hard work. Most jobs in the industry are quite competitive and can lead to a high-pressure work environment.

However, it is also one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue with the right training and education. A B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering degree can open up a world of opportunities for you in the field. You can further strengthen your grasp of the field by pursuing an M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering. Good luck!

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