How Can Professionals Benefit From an MBA in Marketing?

Benefit from an MBA in Marketing

MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees in the field of business management today. This is a two-year course that offers a wide range of specialisations across different fields like banking and finance, human resource management, entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, etc.

Over the past few years, marketing has become a very in-demand specialisation, making MBA in Marketing a popular program. Top MBA colleges in Maharashtra offer this program to interested candidates. There are many advantages to pursuing this program. Let us first comprehend what this program is all about, top career opportunities open to candidates after completing this program, and then understand the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Marketing.

What is MBA in Marketing: Eligibility & Topics Covered in the Program

MBA in Marketing is a postgraduate management degree program, generally spread across two years further divided into four semesters. Each of these semesters covers a wide range of topics relevant to marketing, digital marketing, branding, promotions, financial management, operations management, business research methods, innovation management, advertisement, etc.

Candidates who wish to be eligible for this program must hold an undergraduate degree in any field from a UGC-recognised university. They must have scored minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination. This is the basic eligibility criteria for an MBA in Marketing.

Many top colleges in India also hold independent entrance exams which candidates are expected to attempt. These entrance exams help candidates gain first preference for admissions to such colleges, and can also open up scholarship opportunities based on merit for eligible students.

Candidates who have some work experience in the field are also preferred for this program as it shows that they have tried to carve a niche for themselves in the industry.

Top Career Opportunities after MBA in Marketing

These are the top career opportunities open to candidates holding an MBA in Marketing:

  1. Marketing Manager
  2. Market Research Analyst
  3. Brand Manager
  4. Media Manager
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Sales Manager
  7. Chief Marketing Officer
  8. UX Director
  9. Creative Director
  10. Public Relations Director

Why MBA in Marketing? Benefits of Pursuing this Program

1. Advanced Career Opportunities

An MBA in Marketing can open up a wide array of career opportunities in the field of your choice. As mentioned above, you will be able to pick the job of your choice, depending on your career goals and interests. Marketing is a vast field so you will never be out of options even if you decide to switch roles within this field.

2. Better Salary Prospects

Who doesn’t want to earn a spectacular salary, right? Since an MBA degree is widely recognised and very advanced, professionals holding this qualification are handsomely paid. With this qualification, you will be eligible for career opportunities in leading multinational companies. Once you start climbing the corporate ladder, you will see a steep rise in your salary as well.

3. Enhancement of Knowledge

An MBA in Marketing covers diverse topics and so you will be able to build your knowledge in different branches of marketing. Marketing itself is a vast field. Print marketing and digital marketing are the biggest branches of marketing with diverse opportunities. Once you enhance your knowledge in these fields, your career will benefit greatly.

4. Build Skills in the Field

Marketing is a skill-based field. You need to develop a knack of understanding a brand, identifying the target audience, and ultimately market your product in such a manner that your audience is compelled to use it. Such skills can be built when pursuing MBA in Marketing through projects, assignments, internships, industry exposure, etc.

5. Work in Diverse Industries

No matter what the business is about, it ultimately needs to be marketed. Hence, whether it is the automobile industry, IT industry, education industry, or even the entertainment industry, they all need competent professionals to help them market their products. You will never have a dull moment when working in the marketing field.

6. Join a Progressive Field

There is intense competition across all industries. Latest innovations and business development has created an influx of dynamic products in the market. There is a dire need for skilled marketing professionals to market these products. You can rest assured that the need for marketing professionals is going to constantly keep progressing as well.

7. Opportunity to be Creative

Marketing is an inherently creative field. You will have a lot of fun being a part of customer analysis, product development, brand promotions, advertisement campaigns and so much more as a marketing professional. You will never experience a dull day in this field, and you will have ample opportunities to put your creative juices to good use.


These are some of the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Marketing. Now that you have an overview of this program, you can make a more informed decision regarding pursuing the same. Do some research and look for the top MBA colleges in Maharashtra that offer MBA in Marketing so that you can receive the best academic experience. Good luck.

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