Importance of Integrated Law Courses in Maharashtra

Importance of Integrated Law Courses in Maharashtra

The legal profession has always been extremely popular around the world, and the same holds true for India as well. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students enrol into law courses after 12th to build a career in the branch of law that interests them. ­LLB or Bachelor of Legislative Law program is one of the most popular law degrees spanning across three years that you can opt for. However, to do so, you need to have an undergraduate degree before applying for this program.

To tackle this issue, law colleges have created integrated law courses spanning across five years. Students pursuing these degrees can gain an additional undergraduate degree along with an LLB degree. There are some amazing integrated law courses that you can choose, such as BA LLB and BBA LLB for a bright career in law. Let us take a look at the advantages of integrated law courses:

Benefits of Pursuing Integrated Law Courses

1. Dual Qualifications

An integrated law degree is a combination of two distinct degree programs. This is beneficial for candidates who want to pursue a law degree at the undergraduate level itself. This gives them an edge over other candidates who first graduate in the field of their choice and then pursue an LLB degree.

The range of courses taught in integrated law programs is very diverse, providing students exposure to different aspects of Indian law. For example, a student pursuing BBA LLB will learn topics related to a standard undergraduate BBA program, along with an LLB degree, which will help them gain excellent career opportunities in the corporate world.

2. Saves Time

As you are aware, an undergraduate degree program spans across three years and six semesters. If you follow this with an LLB degree, which is also a three-year program, you will qualify as a lawyer only after a period of six years. However, if you choose to pursue an integrated law degree, you will save an entire year as these programs span across five years instead of six.

If you wish to gain an edge over your peers in the industry, an integrated law degree is the right way to proceed. It will help you enter the job market much sooner than your peers who do not opt for an integrated law degree. You will gain the same level of education but will save an entire year in getting to the goal post.

3. Gain a Valuable Degree

An integrated law degree is extremely well-recognised and respected. Such a degree will help you access a wide range of opportunities in the field of your choice. Many companies recruit professionals who hold this qualification as they are well-versed with the management aspect of a business while also having a thorough understanding of any legal implications involved.

Even if you choose to not practise law, you will not have wasted your time or education as your qualifications can help you many career opportunities that align with your future goals. Many law schools are now adopting a multidisciplinary approach towards integrated law degrees. They are focusing on the legal as well as technological aspects of a law profession. This helps candidates holding this qualification adapt to the evolving legal landscape.

4. Wider Options for Postgraduate Studies

Another importance of integrated law courses is that it does not necessarily have to translate into a legal career. Suppose you realise that a career in law after graduation is not the right fit for you, there are many other pathways open to you. Suppose you pursue a BA LLB program, you can pursue a Master of Arts program after graduation and major in English Literature or Political Science, depending on your interests.

If you have chosen to opt for BBA LLB, you can pursue MBA with the specialisation if your choice. An MBA in International Business could drastically improve your career options after an integrated law program as you will already have a background in law to ace this MBA specialisation. You can also opt for a Master of Law or LLM program upon graduation in the field of your choice if you wish to continue a career in law.


There are many law colleges in India with excellent facilities and faculty members to help you become a successful lawyer. Some of the best law colleges in Nashik offer integrated law courses in Maharashtra that can give you the training and education to become a top lawyer in the field of your choice.

Such colleges focus on student development with practical training through legal aid camps, moot courts, guest lectures conducted by top Indian judges and lawyers, workshops, competitions, and student clubs. Do some research and find the college that offers the program you are interested in based on your career goals. Good luck!

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