Job Roles after MBA Marketing Management Course

Job Roles after MBA Marketing Management Course

Today, a marketing degree is nothing less than a phenomenon. Marketing is required in each and every field and this degree is in high demand. Students that enrol in MBA programmes can learn about, adapt to, and manage a variety of problems and uncertainties in business. They gain a deep knowledge of the theoretical and practical abilities that are required for managerial positions. There are numerous MBA specialisations offered, including those in marketing, human resources, operations, information technology, finance, management, and health care administration.

Students who have earned a MBA can do various jobs and have different roles in marketing. Job prospects for MBAs in marketing are currently very popular in the sector. The MBA in Marketing Management Course can train students to work in the following job roles:

Brand Manager

Brand Manager is a very creative and innovative profile. This is the role of marketing the brand to a large and wide audience. Reputable companies usually hire brand managers who have graduated from top B-schools. The best management colleges in Nashik train the students to work as brand managers. The job role of a brand manager includes marketing and advertising the products and services and maintaining the goodwill of the products and services and promoting the brand. With the help of innovative advertising techniques, promotion, and relationships with customers, brand managers can enhance their brand’s value.

Sales Manager

A sales manager’s work profile involves achieving the set target to sell the target, gain a bonus and work in a high-spaced schedule, and get incentives. They must look after their team, be high-spirited, and have good managerial skills. Sales managers are responsible for appointing distributors, building sales plans, analysing data, studying the competitors, setting targets and goals for the team and setting goals for the team.

They have to maintain a healthy relationship with stakeholders in sales and distribution channels. Customers must be provided with discounts, samples, gifts, or exchange offers to influence the consumers to choose their products.

Market Research Analyst 

A market research analyst gathers all the market-related data and market trends to target a specific audience. This is important and needed for the success of the sales and marketing team. To gain a better understanding of their customers, start-ups, consulting firms, and multinational corporations such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Nielsen hire market research analysts from top business schools.

This is a very serious job that affects how the company interacts with and targets its customers. The manager is informed by the market research analyst about customer needs, competitors, and pertinent marketing issues.

Digital Marketing Manager

With technological advancement, digitisation is the norm. Digital marketing helps in reaching a broad audience at a very low cost. The digital marketing techniques that normally people adopt these days are Digital marketing techniques that are catchy and compelling to attract more customers. The best MBA degrees in Marketing Management have digital marketing as a significant component in their curriculum.

HUL, Nestle, ABGLP, and e-learning sites hire MBA graduates with knowledge of current technology from reputable universities in the nation. This includes B2B and B2C marketing automation duties, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, and web content creation. Students in the subject of digital marketing have a variety of options, including:

Manager, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Expert in PPC (Pay Per Click)

Manager of Social Media

Content Writer

Business Development Manager

Managers of business development play very innovative roles in the organisations where they operate. Their job description entails developing new business opportunities, achieving established goals, and taking on fresh difficulties as they present themselves. Their main responsibility is to attract as many customers as they can in a given period of time.

Good business development managers are desired by many companies, including Google, Facebook, Byju’s, Unacademy, Udemy, and WhiteHr Jr. In order to create relationships with clients, suppliers, partners, and customers, it is their obligation to drive business growth and development. They must be skilled at developing plans and establishing goals in order to grow and enhance the company. Managers of business development must build sufficient strategies to carry out operational adjustments.

Public Relations Manager 

The PR Manager is responsible to coordinate with all the departments of the organisation and enhance profits of all departments. They have to collaboratively work with other departments. It is their responsibility to develop a marketing communications plan and a media relations strategy. If you are looking for job-oriented courses after completing MBA Marketing, then the certificate courses will help you to get practical knowledge about the subject and one can then pursue a career in it.

Marketing Information Personnel 

Marketing Information Personnel work for the organisations maintaining Marketing Information Systems (MIS), and they gather, sort, evaluate, and distribute accurate information to marketing decision-makers. These personnel must be familiar with the organisation’s internal records, the marketing intelligence system, marketing research, and the marketing decision support system.

In conclusion, since marketing is in demand, having an MBA at the correct moment can guarantee that you have outstanding career chances in marketing, as most employers are seeking to expand and enhance their firms. The following companies such as Accenture, Apple, Bain & Company, the Boston consulting group, Capgemini, Citigroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, IndusInd Bank, India Infoline, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Walt Disney, etc., hire marketing managers.

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