MBA in Business Analytics: Future Scope and Career Opportunities

MBA in Business Analytics: Future Scope and Career Opportunities

Business analytics is an important part of any functional business in the 21st century. More and more businesses are depending on the use of statistical analysis using the organisation’s data to help them make the right decision regarding their business. These decisions range from decisions made about promotions, product design, customer feedback, and internal management.

Hence, these businesses are now looking for skilled and well-trained professionals who hold the right qualifications related to business analytics. MBA in Business Analytics is one of the top programs that you can pursue to make a thriving career in this field. This program encompasses relevant theoretical knowledge combined with practical skill development to create competent professionals. There are many career options after MBA in Business Analytics that you can opt for upon graduation.

Let us take a look at what this program consists of, its curriculum, eligibility, career opportunities, and the advantages of pursuing MBA in Business Analytics from Sandip University:

What is an MBA in Business Analytics?

MBA in Business Analytics is a postgraduate program spread across two years and four semesters. The program focuses on teaching students about financial management within a business, and managing an organisation’s operations based on statistical analysis.

Students are trained to improve a company’s profit margin by providing relevant insights into its expenditure, customer behaviour, internal operations, and other avenues using the company’s data to analyse its business. Business intelligence and advanced analytics are the two main branches of the MBA in Business Analytics program.

Curriculum and Eligibility of MBA in Business Analytics

Students pursuing this program are taught about Managerial Economics, Strategic Management, Data Visualisation and Storytelling, Data Analysis using Python, Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Analysis using Power Bi, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning with Business Application, Artificial Intelligence for Managers, and Business Analytics and Data Mining Modelling, to name a few.

Candidates who wish to pursue this program need to have an undergraduate degree from a UGC-recognised university or college with minimum 50% aggregate marks. They must also have excellent English communication skills to make it in this field.

Future Scope and Career Opportunities After MBA in Business Analytics

The future scope of MBA in Business Analysis is very bright. Since this is a futuristic field, there are many opportunities on a global scale. Businesses across industries are understanding the need for professionals holding this qualification, so there is a lot of demand for such professionals. These are the top career opportunities you can opt for after MBA in Business Analytics:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Statistician
  3. Market Research Analyst
  4. Quantitative Analyst
  5. Project Manager
  6. Business Developer
  7. Data Mining Expert
  8. Business Analyst
  9. Big Data Expert
  10. Data Analysis Consultant
Advantages of Pursuing MBA in Business Analytics from Sandip University

Sandip University is one of the top MBA colleges in Maharashtra that offers an MBA in Business Analytics program. This is a comprehensive postgraduate degree program that consists of over 2200 hours of active learning, divided into 65% of practical learning and 35% of theoretical knowledge. Here are the additional advantages of pursuing MBA in Business Analytics from Sandip University:

  • 100% Guaranteed Placements

Sandip University offers 100% guaranteed placements to students pursuing MBA in Business Analytics. Over 150+ global placement partners participate in Sandip University’s annual campus placement drives to recruit talented and knowledgeable candidates into their workforce.

  • 6-month Compulsory Internship

Students pursuing MBA in Business Analytics from Sandip University receive a 6-month compulsory internship which is a part of the program. It makes up the last semester of the program and helps students gain real-world work experience that helps them in furthering their career in this field.

  • Global Immersion Programs

Sandip University holds global immersion programs for students pursuing this program. Students travel to Dubai or Singapore as a part of this global immersion program. The program is designed to help students rub shoulders with global industry partners and understand the latest global business trends.

  • Unique Industry Exposure

Sandip University has partnered with top multinational companies to help students gain relevant industry exposure. Students are trained through industry visits, guest lectures, industry-oriented workshops, seminars, webinars, and many such activities to help them form a global perspective.

  • Global Industry-Academic Collaboration

Sandip University has ties with over seventeen international universities and educational institutions. Through this partnership, students gain opportunities for global research and student exchange programs. These opportunities help them develop better understanding of business analytics from a global point of view.


These are some of the salient features of an MBA in Business Analytics. If you are keen on building a career in this field then you can rely on Sandip University to fortify your knowledge and skills in business analytics. Sandip University’s 250+ acre campus is a futuristic hub of global education where you can build a thriving career in business analytics!

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