MBA in Marketing: What are the Major Benefits for your Career?

MBA in Marketing

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration or MBA in Marketing Management degree can have major benefits for your career in the field. This is a postgraduate qualification and most candidates who hold an undergraduate degree from a UGC-recognised university or institution can apply for this program. While there are many specialisations you can choose from when pursuing an MBA degree, choosing marketing management has its unique advantages.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of pursuing MBA in Marketing Management:

  1. Globally Recognised Qualification

An MBA qualification is one of the most globally recognised degrees today. Leading businesses across industries all over the world actively recruit professionals holding this qualification. Businesses are constantly looking for dynamic professionals who can efficiently market their goods and services to potential customers. This helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by strategising futuristic marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals are extremely skilled and highly versatile employees who understand the crux of a business and market the same effectively.

  1. Better Salary Package

A postgraduate qualification can lead to a better salary package and the same holds for professionals holding this degree. If you pursue this program from one of the leading MBA in Marketing Management colleges in Nashik, you will gain the potential to access career opportunities with leading brands that pay well. Studies show that professionals with an MBA qualification are paid 50% higher salaries when compared to their peers. They also earn about 70% more than their counterparts who do not hold an MBA degree in the long run. Hence, an MBA degree is a great investment which pays massive returns.

  1. Diverse Career Opportunities

There are some excellent career opportunities in marketing management that you can access after gaining this degree. Most leading businesses are always looking for skilled and talented marketing professionals to market their brand. Offline marketing, media marketing and digital marketing are all diverse scopes for MBA in Marketing Management. You can make a thriving career in any of these branches of marketing, depending on your interest and aptitude. Currently, digital marketing is leading the marketing sphere with dynamic changes rolling out constantly, creating diverse career opportunities in the field.

  1. Enhanced Knowledge and Skill Development

The course curriculum of MBA Marketing Management courses in Nashik are divided into core subjects and elective subjects. The core subjects focus on the business management aspect of learning and the elective subjects focus on topics leading to skill development in students. Core subjects can include accounting, finance, customer behaviour, organisational behaviour, business management and others. Elective courses include brand management, marketing strategy, communication skills, promotional activities and campaign management, to name a few topics. This strategic balance in the course curriculum is unique to MBA programs, making it a great qualification to pursue.

  1. A Challenging Career

A career in marketing can be extremely challenging and fulfilling with the right qualifications and training. Marketing is an ever-evolving field with diverse challenges. Professionals need to constantly keep themselves updated about market trends, changing customer behaviour, competitor strategies, and retail marketing. An MBA program prepares candidates for such challenges as it is an amalgamation of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Candidates are trained through live projects, workshops, industry visits, compulsory internships and informative seminars to prepare them for the challenges of the field of marketing.


An MBA degree in Marketing Management can be a great asset for someone who has decided to make a career in the field for themselves. This is a hands-on field with extensive work pressure and tough expectations. Professionals are expected to be on their toes and remain acutely aware of even the tiniest changes in the markets. If you are prepared for a challenging yet rewarding career, pursuing an MBA in Marketing Management can go a long way in making your career goals come true. Good luck!

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