Specialisation in Construction Engineering and Management

Construction Engineering and management

Construction engineering and management is a futuristic field which focuses on the engineering and management aspects of a civil engineering project. Construction engineers and managers deal with complex issues related to construction and find innovative solutions like constructing eco-friendly, smart, advanced, sustainable and durable structures. These structures include buildings, roads, bridges, dams etc.

Being an accomplished construction engineering and management professional takes a lot of training. You must pursue the program from a leading college to gain the right knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry. M.Tech in Construction Management is one of the best construction management courses you can pursue in this field. Let us take a look at what the specialisation in construction engineering management is all about.

About the Program

M.Tech in Construction Management is a postgraduate program under the civil engineering branch. The duration of this program is two years, further divided into four semesters. This program is unique for shaping each student’s engineering as well as managerial skills and knowledge. Students pursuing this program learn about various concepts related to construction engineering and management that help them land lucrative jobs in public and private sector companies.

Course Curriculum and Pedagogy

The course curriculum of M.Tech Construction Management includes various topics such as Construction and Resource Management, Legal Aspects of Construction Management, Research Methodology, Equipment Management System, Value Engineering and Cost Control, Operation Research, Quality Control and Risk Management, Real Estate Management, Strategic Management and Business Policies, and Building Information Modelling.

Besides this, students are also provided practical training in high-tech labs. Many leading colleges have dedicated subject-wise labs designed to specifically train students pursuing construction engineering and management. Project work and presentations also make up a part of the course structure as construction engineering is a hands-on field. Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities like webinars, seminars, guest lectures, competitions and much more to ensure overall student development.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree such as a B.Tech or a B.E. degree in the relevant field with minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying exam are eligible for this program. Candidates with a background in civil engineering are given first preference by colleges for this program.

Advanced Skills Needed to Become a Professional

A construction engineer and manager needs technical skills to make it in the industry. However, here are some of the top soft skills that these professionals need to capture the attention of leading construction management companies:

1. Language and Communication: Professionals are expected to have excellent communication skills to interact with stakeholders, team mates, clients, suppliers and other subcontractors.

2. Risk Management: This is another important skill in construction management as professionals must manage their projects by developing contingency plans and finding solutions on the go.

3. Leadership: Construction managers are expected to lead teams and for that they need to be strong leaders. They must know how to delegate tasks based on their team members’ skills to ensure that the project is completed on time and accurately.

4. Financial Management: These professionals have to manage project budgets and so they need to have great financial management skills. They must factor in the cost of construction, labour and raw materials, track spending, and avoid wastage of resources.

5. Time Management: Construction engineers and managers need to manage time efficiently to ensure that the project is completed on time. Time is very crucial when managing a project as delays in completion of projects can lead to huge loss of capital and resources.

Career & Scope of Construction Management

Construction management is a vast field with diverse career opportunities. Professionals can find jobs in public and private sector organisations, depending on their career goals. These are some of the career opportunities in construction engineering and management:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Construction Manager
  3. Construction Engineer
  4. Construction Supervisor
  5. Civil Engineer
  6. Project Consultant
  7. Maintenance Officer

Here are some of the top companies that recruit candidates holding an M.Tech in Construction Management from a reputable university:

  1. Larsen and Toubro
  2. Godrej Properties
  3. Tata Housing
  4. Public Works Department
  5. Total Environment
  6. Taurus Contractors
  7. International Trading Corporation


Construction engineering and management is a dynamic field for interested professionals. As the Government of India is keen on investing heavily on infrastructure projects, there is going to be a continued demand for qualified construction managers.

You should look for leading UGC-recognised engineering colleges that have a world class infrastructure, an advanced curriculum with value addition and global certification programs, high-tech labs for training, highly skilled and qualified faculty, focused student development, and a dedicated placement cell that offers 100% placement assistance.

Such colleges also have tie-ups with leading national and international educational institutions and companies to facilitate skill development and employment opportunities for their students. So, do some research and find the right college to become successful at construction engineering and management. Good luck!

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